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Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Well there were plenty of sweet-smelling roses on offer, for free, when a Ballarat farmer decided to help spread some love. @AllanRaskall  #9News 

With so many weddings and major events cancelled during this crisis, the demand for roses has dropped significantly. But it hasn’t stopped a Ballarat flower farm from putting their products to good use, and raising the spirits of the local community. @AllanRaskall  #9News 

😄🙌 Fancy watching our 3⃣-1⃣ win over Western United in Ballarat again...? Go on then...😉 📺 Tune in NOW to @skysportnz  7 to watch the full game! #StandUpWithYourNix  #ERereTeKeo 

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@pablovirillidad  @plalorRead  around redactions to get a pretty clear idea what Royal Commission found. For instance, it found Bishop Mulkearns of Ballarat did NOT lie to his consultors about why he moved paedo Ridsdale from parish to parish. Pell was consultor. Pell’s evidence: Consultors were misled.

A distracted bus driver from Ballarat has avoided jail, after admitting he caused a crash that killed two passengers. The victims' loved ones slammed Lionel Calf for putting them through a criminal trial, before suddenly accepting responsibility. @Eliza_Rugg9  #9News 

A Ballarat bus driver has avoided jail after admitting he was responsible for causing a crash that killed 2 of his passengers. @Eliza_Rugg9  #9News 

I purchased these for Easter Holidays when we were in Ballarat a few weeks ago! Phew! Glad I was already organised! 🌟🌟🌟My third star! Off for a jog now...grab your stars friends! #the3starchallenge  @ Melbourne,…

A Ballarat man accused of crashing a bus and causing the deaths of two women, returning from a lawn bowls tournament has pleaded guilty half-way through his trial. @ZoeMcLaughlin9  #9News 

“A lone traveller heading to South Australia brought this deadly flu to Ballarat [in 1919]” by @calebcluff 

Ballarat's Sovereign Hill to close indefinitely due to COVID-19 impact via @ballaratcourier 


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One of the finest educators I know, John Crowley of St Patrick’s Ballarat, is the new acting principal of #StKevins . Families, boys: You are in safe hands.

BREAKING: Today landmark case, 1st post-notorious Ellis Defence, #Catholic  church will accept liability for knowledge of paed priest Ridsdale long before 9yo boy raped.Took Sup Court ruling for Ballarat Bishop to cave & admit what Royal Comm already unambiguously found: They KNEW

Writing my book, Cardinal, I got to know some wonderful people. Two of them are Ballarat survivor Peter Blenkiron - who has last line in my book 'truth is the child of time' & his wife Clare Linane. Here is Clare's compelling answer to Bolt on #Pell .

Thank you to police who persevered investigating clergy abuse, even w zero cooperation from Church. Top of my list: Ballarat’s Kevin Carson, who exposed at great personal cost horrible death toll of victims in his town. Kevin’s a hero & also the kindest of men. @VictoriaPolice 

Breaking: #AustralianCatholicUniversity  staff write to Chancellor John Fahey asking him to sanction Vice-Chancellor Greg Craven for his defence of George#Pell . They want Pell's portrait removed and Ballarat Pell Centre renamed. #pelldefenders  #Auspol 

These revelations by former Irish President Mary McAleese about #Catholic  Cardinal Law & Pope John Paul II are extraordinary & sobering. Same Pope who, when asked by Ballarat Bishop Mulkearns what to do about sexual abuse crisis in his diocese, turned his back and walked away.

Please RT to help us find missing Ballarat teen, Jayden Austin. He has an intellectual disability and was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt, red ‘Angry Bird’ pyjama pants and no shoes. Details →

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