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Guess who fractured her foot walking down the stairs in Bali. 🙋🏻‍♀️
Diver swims through thick soup of plastic waste near Bali
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Ps. Still on Bali time. Help.
How are Borneo and India connected?

What binds Odisha to Bali?

Find out about the timeless cultural links between India and Indonesia.
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After a long 24 hours and some crazy plane trouble we finally made it out. Thank you to Indonesia and our secret day in BALI.
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arrived in Bali! here for two weeks to write songs on the beach. not bad... I could get used to this. #tropics
Bali was so much fun!
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A volcano in Bali is on the verge of a major eruption, experts warn, as it blasts ash five miles high into the air.
• Mass evacuations ordered
• Main airport closed
• Nearly 450 flights cancelled
PC so panicky? This afternoon CBI served summons on him in Aircel Maxis case. He rushed to Saini’s court for anticipatory Bali. Listed 24/3
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