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time to fly to america please keep me in your thoughts as i attempt to enter the country

1 like = 1 probe
retweet = deported to the bahamas
This is what the 18 Foot underwater statue located in the Bahamas looks like.
i have decided the truth about my mysterious bahamas travel will be revealed in a new video tomorrow so strap yourselves in it's a wild ride
The Bahamas as seen from space.
holiday in the bahamas 😎😎 first time here i'm well excited 👍👍 gonna soak up that sun👌🌴 nothing weird about me being here at all
Call me Thomas, Bahamas Thomas. Real talk though, this is a nice photo of me and my son.
it is time to finally reveal the true horrifying story of my adventure - My Bahamas TRAVEL DISASTER
@JustinRose99 @BMWPGA it needs sharpening in fairness , ya weren't great in the Bahamas . Tell foley I'll be chipping coach.
MUST WATCH: Central Michigan scores one of the WILDEST TDs EVER at end of Popeyes Bahamas Bowl.
#SCtop10 VIDEO:
What's Hatnin was the theme of our Bahamas trip! Can't wait for you all to finally hear it. #Journals16th
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