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A Brooklyn small business had success with an action doll of Supreme Court Justice RuthBader Ginsburg. Now it's launching an AOC product as a test on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

Would you pay $20 for an @Ocasio2018  action figure? One company thinks you will. It's part of a line of figures including Supreme Court Justice RuthBader Ginsburg, Sen. Kamala Harris, and former President Barack Obama.

"I get a summer internship clerking for Bader Ginsburg'>Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She’s so inspired by meeting me that she lives for another hundred years."

On display now at @NMAJH : Notorious RBG explores the extraordinary life of Bader Ginsburg'>Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, from trailblazer to pop-culture icon, and as a student, life partner, mother, change-making lawyer, judge, and women’s rights pioneer.

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"I think my work is what saved me." After cancer treatments, Bader Ginsburg'>Ruth Bader Ginsburg said staying busy with her work was key to her recovery

Bader Ginsburg'>Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she had 3 strikes against her when looking for her first job: she was Jewish, a woman and a mother. Watch the latest episode of The David Rubenstein Show ▶️

Sandra Day O'Connor was the closest thing I had to a big sister, says Supreme Court Justice RuthBader Ginsburg

“My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.” —Ruth Bader Ginsburg


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The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, to her well-being and dignity...When Government controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for her own choices. --Ruth Bader Ginsburg

26 years ago today, Bader Ginsburg'>Ruth Bader Ginsburg joined the Supreme Court. She is one of our most brilliant legal minds and our country is more equal and fair as a result of her tireless work. Thank you, RBG!

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You think liberal heads are exploding now, just wait until Amy Coney Barrett replaces Bader Ginsburg'>Ruth Bader Ginsburg! 😂 😂 😂 😂

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I’ve met many tough women in my life (I’m from Texas), but few rival Bader Ginsburg'>Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I wish her all the best for a healthy and happy year ahead.

Bader Ginsburg'>Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is up and working as she recuperates from cancer surgery, according to Supreme Court spokeswoman.

Trump took a golf cart at the G7 Summit last year because he didn’t want to walk. Bader Ginsburg'>Ruth Bader Ginsburg broke three ribs and she’s already back at work. One of them looks 85. One of them is 85.

BREAKING: Supreme Court: Bader Ginsburg'>Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, hospitalized after fracturing 3 ribs in fall at court.

“I don’t say women’s rights—I say the constitutional principle of the equal citizenship stature of men and women.” -Ruth Bader Ginsburg "I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer.” -Brett Kavanaugh

VIDEO: SC GOP congressman Ralph Norman: "Did y’all hear this latest late-breaking news on the Kavanaugh hearings? Bader Ginsburg'>Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out saying she was groped by Abraham Lincoln.”