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This Nigerian magician wants to be the best in the world.??‍♂️ 19-year-old, Babs Cardini wows audiences by performing tricks on the streets of Lagos. He showed us his most popular trick - turning objects into money.

Young magician puts a spell on Nigeria: 19-year-old Babs Cardini wants to put his country on the magic map with his mind-bending tricks and illusions

‘I want to be unique and different’: Young magician Babs Cardini is taking Nigeria by storm with his illusions and tricks. He has more than 55,000 followers on Instagram

‘Magic could be something people value just the way they value comedy and music’: Young illusionist Babs Cardini is popularizing magic in Nigeria

19-year-old Babs Cardini from Nigeria wants to be the best magician in the world - here is his most popular trick... ?‍♂️


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