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Therapy bull inspires seniors to grab life by the horns

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The #Bulls  partnered with @advocatehealth  and @LocalCircleArt  to create a Benny the Bull mural before a Bulls Kid Nation game. Bulls fans painted 500 panels for this mural, which will be hung in an Advocate Children’s Hospital for patients ❤️

It's Day 4 of the #1Day1Combo  challenge with @BNEAESPORTS  which is leading up to the Bull Dragon Ball'>Red Bull Dragon Ball FighterZ World Finals! Find out more about the event and get tickets here:

Tesla Will Mark the Beginning of the End for the Bull Market, Warns Ralph Nader

$AMZN setting up a decent bull flag ahead of earnings next week

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Bitcoin making an ABC to test the Bull Trend at 7000/7600 🙋 Earn Free Crypto via ⟶

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In this week’s Bull Session, Greg Abbott "hangs out" with Wesley Snipes, Ted Cruz no longer has time for petty Twitter feuds, Eliz Markowitz performs a rendition of Willie's "On the Road Again," and plenty more.

I've added $GATX $TER $SAFE $PLMR to the #TradeIdeas  Curated AI Swing Trade watch list. See the rest of the list here: It's a Bull Market, you know...

Adopt Emma and learn more about Bull'>Pit Bull breeds as Dr. Scholer dives deeper into this pedigree’s origins.

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Texas Roadhouse $TXRH buyer 1000 February $65 calls $1.10 offer and has 2500 Mar $60 / Feb $55 bull risk reversals in OI Great weekly chart


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Don’t even try to bull shit us brother HH

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Massive semen explosion after blaze hits bull artificial insemination facility, firefighters forced to dodge "projectiles"

When this woman adopted a pit bull, he was so scared and shut down. But then she figured out the BEST way to make him feel better 💞

How the fuck is this entertainment? Or art? Or Culture? If you choose to fight a bull, I hope it kills you.

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Nadia go to sleep and shut up love!! All this mummy bull shit is boring ! #CBB 

Sick of all this bull il be back again when the freedom of speech law is back and people don't believe to much into the bulls#!t they read

I'm clearing this one up now! This bull about us being drunk on stage! No way is that true !ever ever! Who is making this shit up ?

This pit bull can't go to sleep unless her dad sings her a lullaby 🎵💤💕

In the famous words of @nckcmmns  , it's kicking off like a bull in a china shop !

Got stuck in Friday evening traffic in London! Not fun at all , this is bull, gona take like 3 hours t get home