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#BREAKING: XXXtentacion Pronounced Dead
#BREAKING: XXXTentacion Shot in Miami and Witnesses Say No Pulse
I’m calling on Kirstjen Nielsen to resign as Secretary of Homeland Security. Under her watch, our government has committed human rights abuses by breaking up families along the southern border. And she has ​failed to be accountable to and transparent with the American people.
BREAKING: The U.S. government released horrifying footage of a child detention center in Texas. Together, we must defeat this inhumane and un-American action.
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BREAKING: @RepJayapal just announced on @allinwithchris a nationwide mobilization against family separation on JUNE 30TH, with a march on Washington and cities around the country.

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BREAKING: The court rules that Kansas' documentary proof-of-citizenship law, which disenfranchised thousands of eligible voters, violates the National Voter Registration Act.

It has been struck down permanently.

BREAKING: According to internal CBO documents obtained by @allinwithchris, from June 3-11, fully ***91%*** of parents being prosecuted at the border and forcibly separated from their children are being prosecuted for a *misdemeanor.*
BREAKING: Anthony Bourdain of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” is dead. The chef, storyteller and Emmy-winning host has committed suicide at age 61, CNN confirms
BREAKING: @RepJayapal announces #FamiliesBelongTogether rallies across the nation on 6/30 to protest @realDonaldTrump’s cruel & in-humane anti-immigrant policy. RSVP here:
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