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JW released 145 pages of Rosenstein’s comms that include an email from Rosenstein to Mueller stating, “The boss & his staff don't know about our discussions”& “off the record” emails w/media outlets around the date of Mueller’s appointment. READ:

#MeToo Concerns Arise as Katie Hill’s Throuple Partner Describes ‘Toxic’ Relationship With Her Boss

"Toward the end of an otherwise normal meeting, a voice on the call..said that she was from OMB and that her boss had instructed her not to approve any additional spending of security assistance to Ukraine until further notice. I and others sat in astonishment."

Minnesota DHS brings back former commissioner to help current boss

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#BREAKING The Fletcher Buildingboss has confirmed the SkyCity fire started where blowtorches were being used on bitumen to seal roof joints.

#Marvel TV is getting a massive shake-up as long-time boss leaves.

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3 Chic Style Tips to Make You Feel Like the Boss You Are

when your boss says you can leave early for the day 🙌

Mr. Daley said Tuesday he made the decision after his former boss, Charles Scharf, departed to take the same job at Wells Fargo & Co.


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The Biden family was PAID OFF, pure and simple! The fake news must stop making excuses for something that is totally inexcusable. Sleepy Joe said he never spoke to the Ukrainian company, and then the picture came out where he was playing golf with the company boss and Hunter.....

I used to think goin to sleep late was cool. Till i realized wakin up early is the real boss shit.

So did Trump just betray the Kurds because (a) He has business interests in Turkey (b) Erdogan, being a brutal autocrat, is his kind of guy (c) His bossVladimir Putin told him to Remarkable that all three stories are perfectly plausible.

@NiallOfficial good luck boss give him all your support huge day for him proud of you boss 🙌🏼

My thoughts and prayers are with you, my dear friend. Be strong, Boss!

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A great coach and above all a wonderful man. Taught me so many things inside and outside the pitch. Great to see you in good shape, Boss!

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Also of course thank you for everyone voting for the AMA's ! You guys just boss everything !!

We can get mad at this. Tweet up a storm. Call him names. All those things. Or - we can do the only thing that really matters. Vote. Them. Out. November 6. Midterms. Diminish his power. Batter his ego. Raise your voice. Show them all who’s boss. Justice and dignity will prevail.