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It is alarming so many Congi leaders are honey trapped by ISI and free sex Naxalitewalis. National security is in danger! We need BJP back with majority in 2019 even if we have not kept some of our election promises
The way the trends are today, it appears the Ram Temple by October this year, Ram Setu as a national monument, TDK, Bambino, Bottle Goon, PC MC BC, cousin AC & Bahu, GST etc., in jail, J&K under Central Rule, and hence 300+ LS seats for BJP in May 2019
It is clear from the assembly of crooks, traitors, foreign anti Hindu missionaries, Dawood and secessionists that nation is in danger and Hindus under siege. Hence BJP to win in 2019 is in our national interest. Let us work for that& devastate Trojan horses on the way to victory
Media (at whose behest?) is blaming Yogi for the fiasco in UP bye elections. This is unfair. If not why Karnataka general election turn around of BJP going from 45 to 104 is not credited to him? All of UP says Yogi given UP the best law& order in 40 years.
Is there a BJP/UPA/Politicians / Bureaucrats/Lawyers secret brotherhood to protect each other? My research says yes there is, and that has so far delayed BJP's anti corruption campaign. Namo must strike them down for which he can count on my help.
I thank my sisters and brothers of Karnataka for steadfastly supporting the BJP’s development agenda and making BJP the single largest party in the state. I salute the stupendous work of @BJP4Karnataka Karyakartas who toiled round the clock and worked for the party.
It is sad to see that while some of us in BJP and some patriots in the investigating agencies are working day and night to to bring crooks to book, there are some landlord minded senior bureaucrats who are helping the crooks by writing anonymous letters.
Hate Modi or BJP. You have the right to. But think twice before painting Congress in pure gold. Don't forget massive scams in their time, where spectrum, coal and even games weren't spared.Citizens have to make a choice during elections, but then must keep all parties accountable
My prediction for Karnataka: BJP 115-130. JDS second and Congi third
This huge setback in by polls is due to Hubris. But the trend is easily reversible if party stops rewarding sycophancy & has more participatory decision making ethos amongst those leaders whom the public find credible. BJP has infrastructure to bounce back but needs a new ethos
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