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I bow to the people of Gujarat for blessing BJP for decades. We will always fulfil the dreams of every Gujarati with full strength & vigour
They have tried every trick to malign BJP but people have defeated them every time!
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Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Election Results: BJP wins 1311 seats, Congress-312, Shiv Sena-295, NCP-297 and others-453.
No other govt than BJP would dare reduce Haj Subsidy: ₹500 Cr to ₹0 by 2022 or Triple Talaq or No Rohingyas? We need NEP but not a new Govt
Tomorrow in Gandhinagar, I will join Gujarat Gaurav Mahasammelan, which will bring together lakhs of BJP Karyakartas from across Gujarat.
Wonderful victory of @BJP4Maharashtra in rural areas shows the unwavering support of the farmers, youth & poor for BJP's development agenda.
How BJP distorted Congress' vision of GST, with the end product being drastically different from what was conceived:
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The BJP and RSS are not known for being proponents of gender equality. Take a look at how their key figures have disrespected women.
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According to my analysis Gurdaspur can be recovered in 2019 since even today BJP in the most adverse circumstance has received 36 % of votes
BJP leader Tajinder Bagga is distributing firecrackers to kids in Delhi's Hari Nagar amid ban by Supreme Court
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