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Thank you Gujarat! Gratitude to my sisters and brothers of Gujarat for voting in record numbers today. I am seeing that BJP is headed towards a historic victory, powered by the affection and support of every Gujarati.
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Sibal in more trouble. Thanks to Gaurav Bhatia of BJP, and SC lawyer, I find that SC Order of 5/12 lists Sibal as Advocate for Sunni Wakf Board. Apologise to Namo, Sibal!
Addressed a huge rally in Ahmedabad. Overwhelmed by the support. Elaborated on ways in which successive BJP Governments in Gujarat transformed Ahmedabad by building quality infrastructure and significantly improving the law and order situation.
Addressed a rally in Palanpur. Focussed on development initiatives of BJP Governments in Gujarat. Banaskantha has distinguished itself as an agriculture hub, particularly potato cultivation, in the last decade. Also highlighted how DMIC brings more opportunities for the region.
Here are glimpses of the Sanand rally. Sanand and surrounding regions were ignored by successive Congress governments. BJP devoted resources towards this region and the development here is for all to see.
CSDS Gujrat survey for @abpnewshindi shows consistent fall in BJP lead:
Aug: 30%
Oct: 6%
Nov: 0%
So, hawa against BJP.
Also, pre-poll survey over-estimate ruling party.
My overall conclusion:
BJP headed for big defeat.
This could be a political earthquake.
Appealed to the people to vote for BJP and ensure our candidates win at every booth.
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Coming to Mehsana feels special. In today’s rally I spoke about the good governance efforts of NDA Government at the Centre and BJP Government in Gujarat. Highlighted how Mudra Yojana is turning our youth into entrepreneurs and job creators.
Bodeli is all set to support BJP in the upcoming elections. Here are pictures from today's rally.
Ashok Singhal asked me to take up Ram Setu matter.I did.Ashokji told media that after him I would take up Ram Mandir case.I have. Where BJP?
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