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We had a close winner on #BigMoneyMinute  this earlier, our next chance is coming up in 20 🤑

Ah no luck on #BigMoneyMinute  😭 But we have #SecretSound  coming right up 😁 Jackpot is currently at $1,400

Ahhh such a close winner this morning on #BigMoneyMinute ! We have more chances through out this morning to play!

Awh close winner on #BigMoneyMinute  🤑 we’ll have your last chance in an hour! 🤗

We playin #BigMoneyMinute  all morning long! $1,000 for all your holiday shopping needs! 💰

Ahhhhh so close for this #BigMoneyMinute  but the listener ran out of time 😫⏰ BUT we got #SecretSound  next 🤫

Ah no winner this hour of #BigMoneyMinute ! Up next is #DirtyOnThe30  and an all new #Ghostbusters  👻 right after!

Aw man we had a close one on #BigMoneyMinute  just now! 😩 we have another chance in an hour! 🎃

Awwwww we had a close one for #BigMoneyMinute ! We got another chance in the next hour! 💰💸


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Karen from SAN JOSE didn’t get the #BigMoneyMinute  😩 Your next shot will be in an hour!

$$ ROD from Oakland was so close on #BigMoneyMinute  but it’s okay we got your next shot in an hour! $$

Patrick from SF didn’t get the #BigMoneyMinute ! 😕 Your next chance to win $1,000 will be in about 25 mins!

After #Senorita  - @Camila_Cabello  & @ShawnMendes  😍 we got your chance to win $1,000 in #BIGMONEYMINUTE !


RISE & SHINE!!! @BigBayMornings  is kicking off your morning with BIG MONEY in the #BigMoneyMinute !!

@STJOHNSOFIERCE  is kicking off #99MinutesCommercialFree 🎶 in 5 MINUTES!!! AND 10 MINUTES AWAY FROM #BigMoneyMinute !

Going #99MinutesCommercialFree  and giving you a chance to be our next #BIGMONEYMINUTE  Winner!!! 4:20p be listening 👂

#99MinutesCommercialFree🎶 is KICKING OFF W @taylorswift13  #ReadyForIt  & $5,000 JACK POT for #BigMoneyMinute  at 4:20