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At the BBC Music Awards. Thanks for having us, lovely spread you've put on.
Just watched the world according to kids on BBC, blown away by little Daniel. What a cute little lad! Parents should be so proud !
Tonight was great up in brum at the bbc awards.. Thank you all for having us . Much love
One of my best mates @Dwdsoutar has directed 'take that -these days on tour' and it's on BBC one at 22:35 .. Will be a great watch
BBC awards today!
Bbc awards were incredible tonight, what a crowd at Earls Court ! Thanks to fearne and Chris for the amazing plaque from billboard !
Today at T in the Park on BBC Intro stage. 645pm @iambecharlotte will be performing! Really cool vibe !
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The BBC asked me if Trump's actions can be explained by a lack of experience.
No, it's because he's a racist bigot. #StandUpToTrump
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Great day at @BBC awards !! Great crowd too !!
When live TV goes wrong...

This BBC TV guest's children become the stars of the show.
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