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Mohamed Salah has been named BBC African Footballer of the Year for 2017 🔴🏆

Congratulations, Mo! 👏
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Christmas together on BBC One. ✨
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Congrats to Mohamed Salah who has been named BBC African Footballer of the Year 2017! 👏🎉

Live reaction 👉 #AFOTY
.@LFC's Mohamed Salah has been voted BBC African Footballer of the Year for 2017. #AFOTY #LFC
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Mo and Jürgen's delight at Salah being named the BBC African Footballer of the Year! 🏆
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How long can a BBC reporter stay hidden from CCTV cameras in China? @TheJohnSudworth has been given rare access to put the world's largest surveillance system to the test
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At the BBC Music Awards. Thanks for having us, lovely spread you've put on.
"When I google Harry Styles worst outfit, it's all the same picture.." 😆😂
@Harry_Styles At The BBC. 02/11 8pm on @BBCOne
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Tonight was great up in brum at the bbc awards.. Thank you all for having us . Much love
Just watched the world according to kids on BBC, blown away by little Daniel. What a cute little lad! Parents should be so proud !
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