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Today I met Michel Barnier to discuss a jobs-first Brexit, in contrast to the race-to-the-bottom tax haven threatened by the @Conservatives
Today, I am in Brussels to meet Michel Barnier and set out Labour's priorities for a jobs-first Brexit #ForTheMany
Michel Barnier sits down with David Davis with huge wodge of notes. Davis - with nothing -
Michel Barnier says there will be one week of #Brexit negotiations every month. So like a period. Only more painful.
Barnier responding to Foreign Secretary's words yesterday that EU shd "go whistle": "I'm not hearing any whistling..just the clock ticking"
Basic Barnier: we can't negotiate, let alone make deals, if UK does not explain or in some cases have a position
Barnier on Brexit finances: "how do you build a relationship based on trade, security -to last with a country where you don't have trust?"
Barnier says the EU will go into meltdown if the UK doesn't pay brexit bill-1 more reason not to pay.Let the EU fail
EU official says Michel Barnier told ambassadors UK relationship talks unlikely to begin in October after lack of progress in divorce talks
EU's Barnier reaches out to U.K. Saying two year deadline remains but can start when anyone is ready.. doesn't have to be 19th June
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