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Take this to the bank, @realDonaldTrump: you turn over former U.S. Ambassador @McFaul to Putin, you can count on me and millions others to swiftly make you an ex-president.
Hillary tweeted, “Q for Trump as he meets Putin: Do U know which team you play for?” @POTUS never accepted $500K dollars for 1 speech from Russian bank, taken $140m for his foundation from Russian sources, or sold Russia 1/5 of US uranium supply. Which team are YOU on, Hillary?
Benczkowski refuses to recuse himself from the Russia investigation despite having worked for a Russian bank under investigation for ties to Trump. He also pushed for Comey’s firing to AG Sessions while serving on the Trump transition team. Those are clear conflicts of interest.
Remember Brian Benczkowski? He represented Russia’s Alfa Bank and was a top staffer to then-Senator Sessions. Senate Republicans plan to vote next week to confirm him to head the DOJ Criminal Division.
In the past 24 hours, these companies have ended their relationship with the @NRA:

Best Western
Wyndham Hotels
Alamo Rent A Car
National Rent A Car
Enterprise Rent A Car
First National Bank of Omaha

More than 450,000 Americans sit in jail today awaiting trial because they cannot afford to pay bail. Reforming our country's bail system should be a non-partisan issue.

Whether you sit in jail shouldn't be a function of your bank account.
Just another #G7 where other countries expect America will always be their bank. The President made it clear today. No more. (photo by @RegSprecher)
Pres. Trump’s pick to lead #DOJ’s Criminal Division has NO prosecution experience and NEVER tried a case. Yet in between working for Trump and this nomination, he represented a Putin-connected bank on a matter RELATED to the #Russia investigation. Incredible, and indefensible.
During Diwali in 2016 we got electricity. It felt like a double celebration. Before electrification, I had no employment but now I got a job as a Bank Mitra in my own village: a citizen from Tehri Garhwal tells PM @narendramodi #PoweringIndia
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