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I would like to ensure everyone from here that Ram Mandir will be constructed in Ayodhya: Shri @AmitShah
It is false that in Ram Temple case SC has blocked Govt by a stay on giving the Ayodhya land to the VHP’s Nyas Samiti. As the Sept 2018 SC judgment delivered by Justice Ashok Bhushan states, that 2003 stay lapsed with 2010 judgment of the All.HC. Nothing stops the govt now.
Once Namo clears my pending demand to declare Ram Setu as a National Heritage Monument I will work for Hindus to be able to walk from Dhanushkodi to Ashok Vatika in Sri Lanka. Once we build Rameshwaram and Ayodhya airports we can have connecting air service to all three places
PTs: ASI said there was a temple below BM &1994 PVNR statement notified to SC states Govt is determined “to enforce” solution of handing over the RJB hence Sadhus in Kumbh Mela and Bhaktas are legally entitled to go to Ayodhya and take possession of RJB and start building
Kar Seva-Part III seems inevitable by Feb end this year to re-build Ram Temple at Ayodhya janmabhoomi. With you if possible, without you if necessary and inspite of you if compelled. That is how revolutions take place.
It is a matter of immense joy and pride that Mrs. Kim Jung-sook, First Lady of the Republic of Korea visited Ayodhya and also wore traditional Indian clothing. The people of India deeply appreciate this gesture.
Ayodhya and South Korea have an ancient link. This link forms the cornerstone of historical and civilisational bonds between India and the Republic of Korea.
EXCLUSIVE: Ram Temple in Ayodhya is well within reach now, says Subramanian Swamy
Although due to circumstances beyond my control I could not get commenced the building of Ram temple in Janmasthan in Ayodhya , I am not discouraged . Soon I will try a new approach to get the temple built. We cannot allow the opponents to get the fruits of foreign aggression
After Ram Temple in Ayodhya I will take steps to build a Sita Temple in Sitamarhi, Bihar
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