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Avenatti'>Michael Avenatti got into so much weird shit before everyone realized he was a conman

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10/ This is a bit in the weeds, but the weeds are important here. The complaint establishes Fry searched for restricted SAR 8133 prior to showing any of the docs to Avenatti and came up empty.

11/ At the time, we didn’t have access to Fry’s communications w/ Avenatti, which came out in court records months later. Many other outlets had previously reported on the SARs without citing the source of their material, as is common practice.

5/ Ben writes: the records never went “missing...the records were simply put on restricted access...a possibility Mr. Farrow briefly allows for in his story, but minimizes. And Mr. Fry’s leaks had been encouraged and circulated by...Michael Avenatti.”

With the releases of Avenatti'>Michael Avenatti & Tekashi 6ix9ine, here's why COVID-19 means inmates with minor offenses should be freed:

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Not all issues can be adequately explained and explored in a binary, personality-centric template. The coronavirus is not Kim Kardashian, Avenatti'>Michael Avenatti, Elon Musk, Diamond and Silk, or Colin Kaepernick.

Since people are talking about Blasey Ford I thought I'd share this piece about her friends swearing she'd told a consistent story since 2012. Their affidavits came out the same day as the weird Avenatti affidavit, tho, which totally overshadowed them

It’s been pointed out to me by reporters I respect that this tweet compares an opinion piece (investigate Kavanaugh!) to a news story. That’s a valid point. However, the WP news pages and most media initially treated Avenatti’s accusations seriously, so I stand by the tweet.

@postpolitics  How The Washington Post treated the Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti allegations agains Kavanaugh: DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION! The only problem is that Swetnick admitted soon after that she had never met Kavanaugh and Avenatti then went to prison. Great job WaPo. What scum

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It’s unclear who is getting released, aside from high-profile inmates like Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti


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i don't care what sentence Avenatti gets. he's not the problem. it's the drooling media who enabled this grifter. Think about it: the people who mock you for your so-called ignorance fell for this charlatan. These are people who laugh at you. You must now laugh at them.

It was a short lived campaign. Michael Avenatti went from Avenatti 2020 to Avenatti 20 to 25 ?????? #MAGA 

Avenatti is a third rate lawyer who is good at making false accusations, like he did on me and like he is now doing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. He is just looking for attention and doesn’t want people to look at his past record and relationships - a total low-life!

When you hear people criticizing Attorney General Barr, check and see how they reacted to Avenatti'>Michael Avenatti. That will give you an idea how seriously to take them as judges of lawyers and the law.

Not at all surprising. Avenatti'>Michael Avenatti accused of 'improperly keeping a $4M settlement payout away from a paraplegic man'

Avenatti'>Michael Avenatti embezzled millions from paraplegic client's settlement, new 36-count indictment alleges.

Enough is enough with this bullshit! We all get it Media... you hate @realDonaldTrump , but giving every Avenatti like wacko a platform because they will say anything for press kills what little is left of your credibility. Let him do his job. The results speak for themselves!

You’re right Mr Avenatti , President Trump probably shouldn’t have called Stormy Daniels a horse face. I think the other end of the animal describes her much better.