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The Arctic is BURNING. This isn’t global warming. It’s global scorching. Avaaz is going all-out on a 16-month marathon to power climate resistance, in the lead up to the most important climate talks since Paris next December. Here’s how we can win:

HUGE !!! Months ago Avaaz members around the world chipped in to make sure the #Waorani  people of Ecuador had the best legal team possible on their side. Today the verdict is in: it protects a half-million acres of Amazon Rainforest from oil drilling!!!

AMAZING. Almost 50,000 Avaaz members have chipped in to establish and protect a permanent sanctuary for threatened #snowleopards  in Nepal! Click to learn more and support this incredible, inspiring project w @RainforestTrust  & @BELT_project  :

Canada's PM @JustinTrudeau  was the first world leader to receive our *Letters for Life on Earth* book from Avaaz members from across the world -- calling on world leaders to protect 50% of our lands and oceans by 2050. Read the whole book here:

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@gunnerblog  Amazing to see Arsenal fans supporting each other world wide to use a VPN to back a viral Avaaz petition -- despite efforts by India to prevent citizens from accessing our site! #WeCareDoYou  ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Have you joined in yet to help establish a first-of-its kind #snowleopard  sanctuary in the Himalayas?!? The Avaaz community is joining forces with @RainforestTrust  & @BELT_project  to help these threatened cats. RT to spread the word!

Avaaz has also been investigating the networks behind #disinformation , and reporting those who are breaking Facebook's terms of use. #EUelections2019  #EUelections 

Wondering what can be done about fake news? Check out this article in Time highlighting Avaaz's proposal for social media giants like Facebook to Correct the Record. #EUelections2019  #EUelections 

Wow -- it's early, but exit polls suggest people across Europe have chosen unity and hope over division and fear. And the Avaaz team is in front of the European Parliament with a message: EUROPE RESISTS! #EUelections2019 

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Under Avaaz's Correct the Record proposal, anyone exposed to #disinformation  in their news feed should be notified and presented with information that is accurate and verified by independent fact-checkers. Could look smth like this. #EUelections2019  #EUelections 

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Activists laid out 4,500 pairs of shoes in front of the European Union in Brussels today to represent every Palestinian killed by Israel in the last 10 years. (Photo credit: Avaaz)

Let's build massive public pressure w @avaaz  to create marine sanctuary & defend #Antarctica  oceans. Join me!

Do it. Hug a scientist. @BuzzFeed  7 Reasons To Hug A Climate Scientist: via @Avaaz  #debateisover  #IPCC 

Help @Avaaz  protect massive stretches of pristine rainforest in #Indonesia . Pls sign & RT: #SaveAceh 

Thx to all 1.4 Million of you that called on #Thailand  to end the #ivory  trade @World_Wildlife  & @Avaaz 

@Avaaz  has joined us in the fight to save #elephants ! Pls sign to ban the bloody #ivory  trade in #Thailand :

Our petition to protect #Antarctica 's Oceans is over 1 million! Thx to all. Let's keep going: @Avaaz 

Let's build massive public pressure to defend #Antarctica 's ocean & create a marine sanctuary. Join me @Avaaz 

The world's #rhinos  are being hunted to extinction—and the #EU  can save them. Sign the urgent @Avaaz  petition: