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100 call center workers have lost their jobs at SeaWorld, Florida & their jobs are being outsourced to Jamaica & Guatemala. They had to train their foreign replacements. But let @AndrewYangVFA  convince you it’s “automation” that’s taking your jobs.

Even though all jobs have been eliminated by automation, it’s often much easier to solve a customer service problem once you can get a human being on the phone.

This 4-word mantra sums up leadership in the age of automation#Leadership  #Technology 

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Goldstein: with Aeolus/Starlink conjunction, got the software bug that prevents communications worked out, learned a lot. Agree with ESA this can’t be managed on an individual basis by email alone; need some automation. #AMOS20th 

AI, Automation, Big Data analytics, and Cloud will create 133 million new roles by 2022. The University of St Gallen and HCL partner to understand the impact of technology on talent.

Here's what you need to know today in software development: Tableau 2019.3, Redgate SQL Automation'>Change Automation 4.0, and Microsoft releases Cascadia Code@tableau  @redgate  @Microsoft 

Fascinating to see. Competition is slowly but steadily eating the lucrative margins of investment banking and classic "Wall Street" jobs? Throw in a little #FinTech  automation and... "Wall Street pay is slipping"

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MAX Automation SE: Supervisory Board decides to terminate investment agreement with joint venture pa...

Focus on coaching your clients while we do the work to nurture your leads. From capturing your prospect's contact info to payment, discover how automation streamlines your processes and can grow your coaching business.

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#CIO Magazine: @oracleopenworld : @Oracle  all in on cloud automation via @ParisGeek  "Oracle’s effort to weave AI into all its apps is paying off. It’s more than just the chatbot", says @rwang0  #OOW19  @CIOonline 


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Andrew Yang is explaining the dangers of automation to the masses. And as voters realize he is serious and substantive, his campaign is gaining steam.

Hey @AndrewYangVFA  I like this idea so much I'll do it personally for those 10 people if you can't. We talk about the future of AI often @InitializedCapat  -- our nation needs to start exploring ways to adapt to the massive automation shift that's already happening.

Yes, excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake. To be precise, my mistake. Humans are underrated.

Andrew Yang is running for president on a message of moving the U.S. economy forward to counter automation and artificial intelligence. He spoke with the NPR Politics Podcast about climate change, attracting Trump voters and being an optimist.

This early it’s all about being allowed to debate. I’ve made personal contributions because I appreciate Andrew’s focus on the coming displacement of work due to AI and automation, and Tulsi’s strong anti-war stance. I believe their voices are important to surface in the debates.

Naked Andrew Yang Emerges From Time Vortex To Warn Debate Audience About Looming Threat Of Automation#DemDebate2 

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The most interesting part of ’s interview at is #SXSWshe  firmly endorses automation — treating it as a chance to eliminate jobs that are drudgery and sever survival from wage-earning. Automation is a chance to draft a new social contract that doesn’t link dignity to labor.

Off-boarding advertising from all accounts owned by Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik. We’re donating all projected earnings ($1.9mm) to support external research into the use of Twitter in elections, including use of malicious automation and misinformation.

Automation is going to cause unemployment and we need to prepare for it.

A lot of job loss is attributed to automation. In fact, today I fired my writers because for the next 4 years, jokes will write themselves.