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Andrew Leigh
sick of coalition lies about labor policies turns out the australian treasury are too auspol ausvotes ausecon
Sick of Coalition lies about Labor policies? Turns out the Australian Treasury are too. #auspol #ausvotes #ausecon
Emma Alberici
australian economy grew 04 in the 1st q of 2019 amp 18 over the yr to march 31 that s slowest pace of growth s
Australian economy grew 0.4% in the 1st Q of 2019 & 1.8% over the yr to March 31

That's slowest pace of growth since Sep Q 2009 as Australia was recovering from the GFC

*Budget was premised on Treasury forecast GDP growth at 2.75% 2019-20 & 2020-21 w wages picking up in concert
The Australian
australian businesses have warned treasury that bans on plastic bags are contributing to the weakening economy
Australian businesses have warned Treasury that bans on plastic bags are contributing to the weakening economy as shoppers are unable to carry large amounts of groceries to their car or home, confidential briefings reveal
treasury was once the best and the brightest of the australian public service now its a politicised policy dea
Treasury was once the best and the brightest of the Australian public service. Now it’s a politicised policy dead zone.
australian dollar wipes out gains stocks dip in tokyo fluctuate in hong kong and china sampp 500 futures clim
-Australian dollar wipes out gains
-Stocks dip in Tokyo, fluctuate in Hong Kong and China
-S&P 500 futures climb
-White House blacklists China’s top telecom company
-Treasury yields stabilize with dollar
asian stocks dip investors cautious ahead of fed decision treasury yields held near recent lows australian do
-Asian stocks dip
-Investors cautious ahead of Fed decision
-Treasury yields held near recent lows
-Australian dollar retreats, euro remains off its lows of the month
Guardian Australia
treasury did not model australian budget s impact on women officials admit
Treasury did not model Australian budget's impact on women, officials admit
asia stocks dollar jumps treasury yields sampp 500 futures slip euro australian dollar oil at 6113
-Asia stocks ⬇
-Dollar jumps
-Treasury yields ⬆
- S&P 500 futures slip
-Euro, Australian dollar ⬇
-Oil at $61.13
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