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Today’s the big day —> #AVeryStableGenius  is now available in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Holland, Finland, Brazil and Australia. Hardcover, ebook, audio, you name it. Hope you snag a copy! @CarolLeonnig  & I would love to know what you think of our reporting.

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Catching up on the Carlos Ghosn escape? Do not miss this reporting - @gauthiervillars  @WSJ  team brought the news *and* the photo of the now-(in)famous audio-equipment box: via @WSJ 

The main thing we all realized when reporting out this story: - The contractors listening to voices were all horrified, and saw an obvious violation - the companies were all surprised by the discomfort. Listening to audio to improve their AI was a natural next step for the tech.

Pulitzer's new 'audio reporting' category will draw more journalists to podcasting - Business Insider via @nuzzel 

Pulitzer's recognition of 'audio reporting' could incentivize more journalists to shift resources toward journalism tailor-made for the medium:

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Inside Vice Media's audio strategy, which is focused on longform reporting and exclusive Spotify podcasts

The Pulitzer Prize Board announced a new journalism prize category for the 2020 prize cycle: Audio Reporting.​

Fun weekend exercise: Retroactively award the new @PulitzerPrize  for Audio Reporting for the past several years. Like, @serialSeason  1 would win for 2014, right? @InTheDarkAPMS2  for 2018? Or Caliphate? S-Town for 2017? The Giant Pool of Money for 2008?

The Pulitzer Prize Board announced it will offer a new prize in 2020 for audio reporting.

The senior media writer for @Poynter , @TomWJones , reports on a new @PulitzerPrize  category in 2020 - for Audio Reporting. #journalism 

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There will now be a Pulitzer for Audio Reporting, its first new category since 2007

Sign of the times: The Pulitzer Prize Board has announced a new Journalism prize category for the 2020 prize cycle: "Audio Reporting.”

I couldn't reproduce this myself, but is reporting in The Verge that dismissing the call with the power or volume button will not only broadcast audio, but VIDEO TOO.

One reason for the delay: The fact-checkers had to do their own reporting -- finding audio and digital forensics experts who could verify that the video had been manipulated

New this am: Turkish authorities have audio-visual evidence of Khashoggi’s murder. The evidence shows that Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul - reporting.

A pro-government Turkish newspaper is reporting that Turkish officials have an audio recording of the alleged killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

How does immigration enforcement look to one family caught in the middle of it? We spent months reporting this story. Audio here, with a Spanish language version coming soon:

The idea that editors would trust @MichelleFields  reporting, but not her personal account (backed by video and audio) is astounding.