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MLB's Aubrey Huff Goes Ballistic On TP Hoarders, 'I Hope Your A**holes Fall Off'

MLB's Aubrey Huff Goes Ballistic On TP Hoarders, 'I Hope Your A**holes Fall Off'

Shocking But True: Aubrey Huff Is Still The Worst

I am not sure what I was expecting to find out about coronavirus when I willingly looked at Aubrey Huff's Twitter feed.

Aubrey Huff Says Astros Will Be Beaned All Year, 'Wear Bulletproof Vests!'

Aubrey Huff says there's going to be A LOT of bruises on Astros players' backs this year.


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This is sure to inspire a ton of reaction: The Giants have informed Aubrey Huff, their top offensive player from the legendary 2010 World Series team, that he will not be invited to participate in anniversary celebrations this year. Our exclusive story:

The San Francisco Giants have allegedly banned Aubrey Huff from the 2010 World Series reunion because he's a Trump supporter

Aubrey Huff won't be with his former teammates as they celebrate San Francisco's 2010 World Series win in August

Gonna say this once and log off: Giants officials have made it clear to me they are not banning Aubrey Huff because they dislike or disagree with his political views. They believe he has crossed the line when it comes to misogyny, vulgarity and common decency. Words matter.

Wait, Aubrey Huff discovered there are consequences for his actions and started ranting about the First Amendment, which in no way applies to this situation in the private sector? WHY, THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED!!

2010 World Series hero Aubrey Huff has not been shy about posting his political views online. The #SFGiants , like many of their fans, believe some crossed a line of propriety. As such he won't be invited to a 10-year reunion planned this season. The story:

I'm officially done with Aubrey Huff. Such a bummer when an athlete you liked turns out to be an misogynistic asshole.

I know that getting divorced somehow made him fash and I also know he's been a cringe-y dunce on here for years, but as someone who remembers him as a Baseball Guy it's strange to see Aubrey Huff be the main character on Twitter. It's like if everyone yelled at Joe Randa all day.

Former MLB player Aubrey Huff tweeted that he is training his sons to use guns in the "unlikely event" that Bernie Sanders becomes president, along with picture of a gun range target "Knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must," Huff wrote - USA Today

Aubrey Huff: Athletes should stick to sports. Also Aubrey Huff: Dragons are Real and evolution isn’t.