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Now on True Crime: Atty Gen Barr launches President’s Commission on Law Enforcement to study key issues in policing. All commissioners are members of law enforcement, which draws some criticism:

Amongst Trumpsters anger grows as the world changes. Women elected to office at record rates. Kentucky & Kansas elect Dem governors. Trump state of Michigan 2yrs later:Female Gov, black Lt Gov, lesbian Att’y Gen, single mom Sec of State. All white men & R’s gone from top offices!

The federal lawsuit announced by state Atty. Gen. @AGBecerra  comes after President Trump’s administration announced details of its plan to open more than a million acres of public and private land in California to fracking

Leading the network evening newscasts: CBS/ABC: Atty Gen labels Dec 6 shooting spree at NAS Pensacola an act of terrorism by Jihadist idealogue. NBC: Impact of Iran missiles at base housing American and coalition troops.

Atty Gen Barr says that in the view of the Justice Dept., the US attack on Gen Soleimani "was a legitimate act of self-defense." At a DOJ news conference, Barr said the attack was not intended to trigger a broader conflict.

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Pensacola shooting was an act of terrorism, Atty. Gen. Barr says; 21 Saudi students to be removed

U.S. Atty. Gen. William Barr said today that the Dec. 6 shooting at the Naval Air Station Pensacola was an act of terrorism.

The Times found the offices of LA County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey and state Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra were contacted about Video Symphony’s lawsuits. So far they have taken no action on behalf of the students.

Pres Trump again put his spin on the Inspector General's report on the FBI probe of his campaign ties to Russia. Says the report detailed "scandalous abuses of power." But says he looks forward to the Durham report on the Russia probe commissioned by Atty Gen Barr.

From Atty Gen Barr on I.G. report on FBI probe of Trump Campaign and Russia: He says it "now makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken."


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Dear Atty Gen Sessions: the main gateway drug to opioid use is NOT marijuana,but rather pharmaceuticals given to unsuspecting patients (& their parents) who were told by medical doctors that they should take them. Big Pharma is the biggest drug dealer in America and they know it

It was extraordinary that Atty. Gen. Barr couldn’t even acknowledge to me that it was troubling that the Trump campaign was receptive to offers of assistance from Russia. REALLY? All Americans should agree that foreign adversaries have no place in our elections.

Comey says he wrote up a memo about Trump's improper "directive" & notified sr. FBI staff. He didn’t tell Atty Gen. Sessions, he says, because he knew Sessions would be recusing himself soon. Comey says he doesn’t remember who told him in advance that Sessions would be recusing.

Breaking: Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is resigning. Sessions has been a target of ongoing attacks and pressure from President Trump over a number of issues, most notably his recusal from oversight of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation

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Atty Gen@jeffsessions  killing it. Clear, credible, straightforward ‼️ Absurd 2 say recusal on one case requires total abdication of role

If McCabe ISN'T fired as per FBI investigative unit,then can ANYONE lie to FBI w/ no consequences? Apologize and restore Gen Mike Flynn? Martha Stewart? Every defense atty in USA w/ client in slammer for same thing should demand "The McCabe" treatment!

‘whether it was IRS, fast/ furious or (Clinton) emails,I didn't see the Atty.Gen. willing to let Lady justice admin. Justice.' -J.Chaffetz

Atty Gen. Sessions provided false testimony in response to questions from me and @SenFranken  about his contacts with Russian officials. (1)

Please call the 2 US Senators from your state this afternoon- 202-225-3121 - & express your strong opposition to Jeff Sessions as Att'y Gen.