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Results for Attorney General Bill Barr


Josh Marshall
good question for bill barr wld be at what point can the exercise of the statutory powers of the attorney gene
Good question for Bill Barr wld be at what point can the exercise of the statutory powers of the Attorney General become obstruction of justice if exercised with corrupt intent?
Dr. Rand Paul
i am unable to support bill barrs nomination to be the next attorney general while i support president trump a
I am unable to support Bill Barr’s nomination to be the next Attorney General. While I support President Trump and have supported most of his nominees, I have too many concerns about the record and views of this nominee. Read my full statement here:
Eliana Johnson
wh move to invalidate obamacare on monday came despite opposition of health and human services secretary alex
WH move to invalidate Obamacare on Monday came despite opposition of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Attorney General Bill Barr, me and ⁦@burgessev⁩ -
Sen Dianne Feinstein
watch serious concerns about bill barrs nomination as attorney general
WATCH: Serious concerns about Bill Barr’s nomination as attorney general.
Raw Story
attorney general bill barr refuses to say whether trump knows more about muellers report than congress
Attorney General Bill Barr refuses to say whether Trump knows more about Mueller’s report than Congress
Tim O'Brien
bill barr waiting to be confirmed as attorney general bill barr s son in law going to work in white house coun
Bill Barr -- Waiting to be confirmed as attorney general
Bill Barr's son-in-law -- Going to work in White House counsel's office
Bill Barr's daughter -- Leaving DOJ, going to FINCEN
Leader McConnell
i am very pleased with s nomination of bill barr to be the attorney general of the united states his judgement
I am very pleased with @POTUS’s nomination of Bill Barr to be the Attorney General of the United States. His judgement, independence and experience make him an excellent choice for this important position and I look forward to working with him.
Newt Gingrich
bill barr is a remarkable choice for attorney general i worked with him when he was president george h w bushs
Bill Barr is a remarkable choice for Attorney General! I worked with him when he was President George H W Bush’s AG and he did a great job-very solid and professional
Manu Raju
@mkraju 3 months
susan collins tells tedbarrettcnn shes still undecided on the bill barr nomination for attorney general
Susan Collins tells @tedbarrettcnn she’s still undecided on the Bill Barr nomination for attorney general
Shimon Prokupecz
happening soon capitol hill has been alerted that they can expect to receive a letter from the attorney genera
Happening soon: Capitol Hill has been alerted that they can expect to receive a letter from the attorney general Bill Barr in 30 – 45 minutes, according to a DOJ official.
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