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The father of the youngest victim of the Barcelona attacks embraces an imam in an emotional show of unity
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I pray for all the victims of the attacks of these days. May the blind violence of terrorism no longer find room to exist in this world!
There have been more than 11,600 deaths linked to gun violence so far in 2017, which is equivalent to nearly four 9/11 attacks. NRA
"I can hear you!": Former President George W. Bush's iconic words inspired the nation just days after the 9/11 attacks.
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Of 85 deadly US terror attacks since 9/11, far-right-wing extremists were responsible for 62, Islamic extremists 23.
If President Trump wants to stop 'attacks' on Judeo-Christian values, he could try embodying some, beginning with not bearing false witness
The attacks in Somalia are horrifying & Canada condemns them strongly. We mourn with the Canadian Somali community today.
JCC threats, cemetery desecration & online attacks are so troubling & they need to be stopped. Everyone must speak out, starting w/ @POTUS.
Very grateful no one seriously hurt in the Louvre attack ...or the (completely fake) Bowling Green Massacre. Please don't make up attacks.
Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany - and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!
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