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Despite Dems and the mainstream press attacking the President, truth and facts win in the end. That’s why every House Republican opposed this impeachment sham AND: -One Dem voted no -One Dem voted present -One Dem voted no and switched parties

Part of latest request from the president for my help. I am conflicted. I do believe we should fight for the truth but much of the nastiness and lies coming at me is from trump and his fans that thinks attacking the press helps him. Not sure this contribution makes sense :)

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exactly Thank you for speaking the truth, despite those in your own Party attacking you for it

Martinez and Mendoza are doing more than adamantly cheerleading for baseball. They are attacking Fiers' integrity for telling the truth

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Once again, Donald Trump is lying to the American people. Here's the truth: Trump has spent his time in office attacking coverage for folks with pre-existing conditions. If he's re-elected, he'll continue those attacks on our health care.

Obama Met with Iran-Backed Terrorist Leader Attacking US embassy, Invited Him to White House: Will the media ever report the truth about the worst, most destructive President in American history?

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The heartbreaking truth about a young model at the centre of a Sydney trial — in which a serial rapist was jailed for attacking five women and a child — can finally be revealed.

The sad truth is that both Labour & the Liberal Democrats got their strategies badly wrong & ironically this has led to huge Tory majority & Brexit. Labour: Corbyn/Brexit policy. Lib Dems: Revoke A50 & attacking Lab as a Brexit Party (+HQ strategy of so many - poor - leaflets) 🙇🏻‍♂️

Ha. The “folks” are already accusing me of attacking/hating Thanksgiving. No, I have racial propaganda sold as history. I love the TRUTH!!! Continue baking that dry ass turkey. Lol

@WortmanLewis  @HelenCaddesA  @marwilliamsonnd  that was before there was any medicine; so all the bs attacking her is made-up non sense. w @marwilliamsonas  on the front line to help p #AIDSatients  when everyone else was Afraid to even touch them. Do your research- Know the truth.


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This is a disgraceful act of partisanship and a broken promise about fairness at the Committee. will not let the truth get in the way of his obsession with attacking the President and the First Family. (2/2)

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I’m an Oracle. CNN attacking AG Barr right now. They don’t like that Barr said press relentlessly attacked Trump. Paging Jack Nicholson - the US media can’t handle the truth.

It's absurd that journalists quibble over "lies" while Trump openly admits he is at war with the truth. As he explained attacking the press to Leslie Stahl: "I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you."

Trump, accusing those who investigated him of committing “treason,” has unleashed his lapdog AG William Barr to find evidence they did so. Attacking the patriotism of truth-tellers, like accusing the press of being “enemies of the people,” is an age-old technique of tyrants.

Pres. Trump attacking Google is akin to his attacks on the press. It's about undercutting truth, muddying facts and dismissing accountability. This from a man who readily lies with a political party as willing accomplices. His minions may cheer but American democracy is weakened.

If Cohen is speaking the truth… & others can corroborate… Trump conspired with a foreign power who’s attacking our democratic process (again) & lied (again) to the American people about it. Criminal & inexcusable.

We've heard quite enough about eye makeup today, so here's an unfriendly reminder: Sarah Huckabee Sanders routinely lies to the American people, attacking our shared foundation of truth, and therefore undermining democracy. Write that on your mirror in fucking mascara, fascists.

This culture of lies has infected his entire administration, with cabinet officials parroting baseless claims, rejecting scientific evidence, and attacking the truth to achieve partisan ends.