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for this week’s Friendship Files, I spoke with two young scientists, who connected across the Atlantic Ocean, about academia’s social scene and how a niche research topic can lead to a global community of colleagues and friends

Spectacular view from one of our @NOAASatellites  this morning showing the effect of winds blowing cold air from the U.S. landmass to the Atlantic Ocean. The air picks up moisture while over the open water - eventually producing the numerous bands of clouds you see over the ocean.

LHD 1: The #USNavy 's #USSWasp  amphibious ready group is underway in the southern Atlantic Ocean on its way to its new home port in Norfolk, #Virginia . See more with this week's #NavalUpdateMap .

Teenage environmental crusader @GretaThunberg  and the Australian family she hitched a ride with on a catamaran to Spain have overcome a rough first day on the Atlantic Ocean. #7NEWS 

No tropical cyclones are expected in the North Atlantic Ocean or the North Central Pacific in the next 48 hours.

The PAW and FIN Conservation Act of 2019 could protect the Endangered Species Act. Meet the paws and fins that depend on it! This finned friend is a North Atlantic Right Whale -- as few as 450 are left in the ocean. Act for wildlife:

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From @CBCNS  and @Witherscbc  | Fisheries and Oceans Canada was forced this fall to cancel a core oceanographic survey to monitor climate change because it could not find a ship capable of handling ocean conditions in the North Atlantic

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission issued a progress report Tuesday on containing the parasitic lampreys, which invaded the lakes in the last century from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission issued a progress report Tuesday on containing the parasitic lampreys, which invaded the lakes in the last century from the Atlantic Ocean and threatened trout and other native species.

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: A Massachusetts boy threw a message inside a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean in 2010; nine years later, he got a response – from France.


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Christopher Columbus’s spirit of determination & adventure has provided inspiration to generations of Americans. On #ColumbusDay , we honor his remarkable accomplishments as a navigator, & celebrate his voyage into the unknown expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cameras outside the space station captured these views of rapidly intensifying #HurricaneDorian  at 12:18pm ET on August 30 as it churned over the Atlantic Ocean. For more on NASA’s coverage of #Dorian , visit: .

Take a look at #HurricaneDorian  churning over the Atlantic Ocean, as captured by cameras outside the @Space_Station  at 12:16pm ET. As a Category 5 hurricane, the storm is carrying the strongest winds in recorded history for the northwestern Bahamas. More:

A camera outside the station captured views of Hurricane Dorian at 1:05pm ET today as it churned over the Atlantic Ocean north of Puerto Rico.

.’s retur #CrewDragoned  to Earth with a splash in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida’s eastern shore at 8:45am ET, completing an end-to-end flight test to the and back as part of our Program. Learn more:

We just had to share this photo of Stephen Hawking (taken in 2007) experiencing zero gravity during a flight over the Atlantic Ocean. "It was amazing ... I could have gone on and on." Obit: More:

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The International Space Station’s external cameras captured a dramatic view of Hurricane Irma as it moved across the Atlantic Ocean Sept. 5.

Obama bans oil and gas drilling in large areas of the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean, a move that can't be undone by an incoming president.

Shirts always tucked! Love from out here in the Atlantic ocean