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All about A's pitcher MikeFiers' first outing since the Astros' scandal went public -- reaction from fans and Fiers himself (with video) @susanslusser 

As Mike Fiers took the field to prepare for Sunday’s game against the Giants at Hohokam Stadium in Arizona, he was greeted with cheers and even signs for his action as the lone public whistleblower in the Astros cheating scandal. via @susanslusser :

Dusty Baker was a curious onlooker as the Astros scandal roared into public consciousness this offseason — but now, he is in some ways its public face. Here's how he's approaching it.

“What’s the alternative? Just let it continue?” A’s manager Bob Melvin takes issue with David Ortiz’s negative comments about Mike Fiers’ role as the public whistleblower in the Astros cheating scandal.

Astros stars issue public apology for cheating scandal

Astros owner Jim Crane says sign-stealing scandal 'didn't impact the game' as team issues public apology

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Astros pitchers and catchers reported to its spring training complex on Wednesday and will speak with reporters Thursday. How the Astros handle their first public, collective comment on the issue will help shape the scandal’s legacy.

Mike Fiers blew the whistle on the Houston Astros' electronic sign-stealing scandal. In his first public appearance since then, he declined to talk about it further. By @JanieMcCAP :

Also in this @sfchronicle  story about Mike Fiers and the Astros cheating scandal; the A's had been hearing about this for some time - and believe it took Fiers going public to get action taken:

Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers declined to discuss his whistleblower role in the Astros sign-stealing scandal in his first public appearance since divulging that Houston used electronics to illicitly steal signs in 2017.