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Save your eclipse glasses today instead of throwing them in the trash. Astronomers Without Borders will post mailing address soon.
150 million light-years from Earth lies 1 of 2 known spiral galaxies where astronomers can see its corona. Details:
Astronomers detect a record seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star
When @CassiniSaturn plunges into Saturn's atmosphere tomorrow, astronomers will observe the planet from Earth:
We spy with our celestial eye… A comet? An asteroid? Astronomers ponder a recent visit from beyond the solar system:
Astronomers have discovered a so-called "zombie" star -- the first star to explode multiple times
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Astronomers for the first time have seen neutron stars colliding. What resulted ushers in a new era of astronomy.
Astronomers are going to check a mysterious interstellar object for signs of technology this week, reports @marinakoren
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Astronomers discover at least 7 Earth-like planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away, NASA announces
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