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Save your eclipse glasses today instead of throwing them in the trash. Astronomers Without Borders will post mailing address soon.
A bizarre, ghostly looking galaxy that astronomers believe to have little to no dark matter was seen by @NASA_Hubble. This is the 1st galaxy to be discovered that is so lacking in dark matter, which is thought to comprise 85% of our universe's mass:
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Beautiful arms, which swirl like a whirlpool around this galaxy's bright central region are seen in this @NASA_Hubble view. Astronomers took this image as they were observing an exploding star – aka a supernova – near the galaxy’s central yellow core! More
Our universe is expanding and @NASA_Hubble Telescope has just made the most precise measurements of the expansion rate. The intriguing results are forcing astronomers to consider that there may be new physics to help explain these findings. Discover why:
To measure the distances to some of the oldest objects in our universe, you can’t just pull out a tape measure. Instead, astronomers had to rely on straightforward trigonometry to find a different way to accurately measure these distances. See how:
150 million light-years from Earth lies 1 of 2 known spiral galaxies where astronomers can see its corona. Details:
Astronomers used @chandraxray observatory data to explore a cosmic “cold front” hurtling through the Perseus galaxy cluster that extends for about two million light years, or about 10 billion billion miles. Here’s what they discovered:
Astronomers detect a record seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star
Join us as we take you on a spectacular fly-through of the Orion nebula – a nearby stellar nursery. Using actual scientific data from @NASA_Hubble & sp@NASAspitzerace telescopes, astronomers & visualization specialists created this detailed tour:
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For the first time, astronomers have glimpsed the dawn of the universe 13.6 billion years ago when the earliest stars were just beginning to glow. @NSF
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