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A Trump supporter spat racist vitriol at this Asian-American woman on the Metro.
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This is literally every Asian-American's worst employment nightmare
A Trump supporter asked this Asian-American woman if she's Korean, then said “we’re gonna nuke you guys.”
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Today marks Asian American Women’s Equal Pay Day, the symbolic date when Asian American women’s earnings on average “catch up” to non-Hispanic white men’s earnings from the previous year. #AAPIEqualPay
.@mattgaetz's district is 14 percent African-American, 1.9 percent Asian-American and 3 percent Hispanic. They have my deepest sympathies, in that they clearly lack representation in Congress.
Airbnb host must pay $5,000 and take Asian American studies course for canceling reservation based on race
ESPN pulls Asian-American announcer from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate general's name
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These Asian-American actors are quitting #HawaiiFive0 over unequal pay.
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