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More than 40 cases of the newly identified coronavirus have been confirmed in Asia, including two deaths — at least one involving a previous medical condition.

Question Time panel this week was the usual sort of 4x top university art students and a hereditary actor. Why no-one who built a business? Why no scientist or engineer? Why no-one from Europe, Asia or USA to bring new perspectives? Why not a small business owner?

Europe, North America, Asia and Australia have recorded the highest January temperatures in history, at the end of a decade already confirmed as the hottest in 150 years.

Forget oil demand growth in Asia if this turns into SARS. #OOTT 

#Jerusalem has served as a battlefield for practically every foreign power that has trudged through from Europe to Asia to Africa, and vice versa.

Take a look at this stunning #drone  footage of #Saran  🌞 solar, funded by us together w/ @GCF_News . Located in the Karaganda region of KZKazakhstan, it is one of the largest in Asia'>Central Asia. We're a leading investor in 🥬 green economy #Kazakhstann  .

Exports were key to Asia's rapid economic growth – as the contrasting fortunes of South Korea’s @Hyundai_Global  and Malaysia’s national car company Proton illustrate, argue Reda Cherif and Fuad Hasanov of @IMFNews  and Sabine Schlorke of @IFC_org 

Top AI adoption challenges for retailers in Asia Pacific include the lack of skills and learning programs, leadership commitment, and knowledge to manage AI solutions. How can businesses tackle these challenges? Learn more: #MicrosoftAI  #NRF2020 

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#BELIEVETOUR is back in Asia and #Journals  are coming. Get ready

Asia our Dream, is Now a reality 🐾🐾💙🏆

#EXO ’ #LAY  an #NCT127  to participate in a tribute project as a representative of Asia’s singer in honor of Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday! Please look forward to the first single tribute to Michael Jackson, ‘Let’s Shut Up and Dance,’ which will feature LAY and NCT 127!

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posting the dates for Mexico, S America, Asia, NZ, and AUSTRALIA....... TOMORROW. #BELIEVETour 

Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to rule that same-sex couples have the right to marry. 🌈

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planning the #BELIEVEtour  dates for the rest of the world. Australia, S America, Asia, Middle East, Narnia (i see u).... we are coming.

Australia, NZ, Asia, Mexico, S America look out for presale announcements this week. We are coming.... #withdankanter . #believetour 

#musicjournals and tour dates for Australia, S America, and asia coming soon. now r u excited?

1 more show left on the Asia#BelieveTour  . Who is coming? I might perform a song from #MusicMondays 

Great way to end this leg of the tour. Excited to chill for a bit but I will announce Australia, Asia , and S America real soon