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New initiatives to keep the Indian economy on the fast track Exporters will be empowered, educated & handicrafts will be sold online as Modi govt commits to promote rural and indigenous artisans with new technological support.

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High standards? Consider them met. Every ring is meticulously handcrafted by our master artisans and every diamond is cut to meet our exacting standards. Discover more: andCo #TiffanyDiamonds101  #ATiffanyDiamondADay  #Tiffany  #TiffanyandCo 

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#PopeFrancis meets several European Bishops of the Oriental Catholic Churches, and urges them to be artisans of dialogue and promoters of Reconciliation.

If you are looking to find some handmade goods made by local artists, the Artisans Market'>Fulton Street Artisans Market is a place you will want to check out.​

Join us this morning from 9 to 11 am at the Holly Berry House Folk Art Festival. Enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Holly Berry Originals, meet talented artisans, enjoy live music, great food or go on a historic tour.

@FinMinIndia  @ShereenBhanB  @TimsyJaipuriao  @Sapna_CNBCo  @Latha_Venkateshs  @nsitharamant  for local handicraft artisans & handicraft co-operatives as to e @FinMinIndianable  a special dispensation for facilitating on-boarding on e-commerce portals

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Employing over 120 artisans from rural India, Tikau showcases the sleekness and minimalism of Scandinavian design using Indian craftsmanship and aesthetic sensibilities, writes Juhi Matta.

@nsitharaman  Government moves to enable handicrafts industry to effectively harness e-commerce for exports, announces mass enrollment of artisans across India for handicraft promotion LIVE Updates:

Lok Sabha MP @DrSTHasan  takes Megha Prasad to meet the artisans who have been affected by recession on #TheRisingStars .

@nsitharaman  #LIVE | Govt moves to enable handicrafts industry to effectively harness e-commerce for exports Announces mass enrollment of artisans across India for handicraft promotion | Updates:

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These pieces are sewn entirely by hand, requiring hundreds of hours of work. The artisans and their know-how are the masterminds in turning dreams into reality. #DGAltaSartoria  #DGFattoAMano 

Holy Spirit, make us artisans of harmony, sowers of good, apostles of hope!

#Japanese firework artisans light up summer night sky

Today more than ever, our societies need “artisans of peace”, messengers and witnesses of God the Father, who wills the good and the happiness of the human family.

I am an active member of Swadeshi Jagran Manch and I am very proud to say that they have played an important role to protect Indian Industries, particularly Indian small industry, artisans and handicraft makers.

Adarana scheme is a result of our strong commitment towards the development and welfare of the BC community. A boon for the artisans in Andhra Pradesh, the scheme will bring them self-employment opportunities along with financial support.

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Hand made love from beautiful women. Millions of rural artisans with unique skills; this is them celebrating their empowerment. I’m told women love my voice…will always be a voice that stands by them. #Hansiba 

Progress of rural areas depends on the wellbeing of artisans, those associated with agriculture and animal husbandry.

People are the primary artisans of their own development, the first in charge!

hey friends, dont forget to support small biz & independent artists/artisans while you’re out there spendin 💸💸💸 gonna link to a few favs: