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Four years later, Grover Cleveland was elected to a second term, and one of his first acts was to restore Arthur Simmons to his old post, a favor Simmons never forgot. 9/12

A Cleveland man on Wednesday was sentenced to almost two decades in prison for a fatal March crash that killed Beachwood math teacher and noted Lego artist Arthur Gugick and nonprofit professional Barbara Becker as they rode in an Uber.

Mellow #SpinCycle  update today. New gems from Galcher Lustwerk, Arthur Russell, Left Banke, Carrie Cleveland, Nick Cave and more. An infinite #SpotifyPlaylist  since 2014. Now 966 songs. Try it →

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Have seen some folks say the white wash on Trump’s health report is “unprecedented.” Sadly, this appalling lack of transparency is hardly new. Cleveland, Arthur, FDR, Kennedy - and by far worst of all - Wilson did as well. Americans deserve more transparency

From George Washington to Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt to Chester Arthur, here are some delicious, and different, Thanksgiving recipes from the past

-ABEL TO YZERMAN: Jeff Blashill On Filip Zadian: from Dana Wakiji and Arthur J. Regner of the Wings website, In Sunday night's game in Cleveland against the Monsters, Zadina scored twice, his first two goals since scoring two in the team's home opener…

It was a couple hours before Game 4 in Cleveland, the game where the Raptors as we knew them were finally, formally washed away, writes Bruce Arthur.

Fee-based governance was the common practice in the post Civil War decades of letting government officials take a big cut of the fees and fines they imposed. Some well-known people got rich this way: Chester Arthur! Grover Cleveland! Wyatt Earp!


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If JR Smith addressing his soup suspension while wearing an Arthur “mood” hat doesn’t sum up this Cleveland Cavaliers season perfectly, I don’t know what does.

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Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is rocking the Arthur 13 lows for his game AT Cleveland. That’s good (via @Jaguars )

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On This Day: 1883: Chester Arthur dedicated an American marvel: the Brooklyn Bridge. On hand: NY Gov. and future POTUS Grover Cleveland

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On improving the food system: Is 'local' a good indicator of progress? Blog post by Arthur Cleveland'>David Arthur Cleveland, @UCSUSA 

“Every single cop in Cleveland is here”: @arthur_affect  reports from inside the Tamir Rice/Michael Brelo protests

The NBA has suspended Denver's Darrell Arthur one game for shove on Cleveland's Dion Waiters on Friday night.

NBA announces one-game suspension for Denver's Darrell Arthur after shoving a mid-air Dion Waiters in Friday's home loss to Cleveland