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Arron Banks backs Boris Johnson's deal after Nigel Farage brands it 'dreadful'

Brexit was the first time in the history of Britain that people had won, says ARRON BANKS

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You & @Arron_banks  are twisting my tweet irresponsibly, dishonestly, opportunistically and fraudulently.

Investigation clears @Arron_banks  of #Brexit  campaign money violations.

The @NCA_UK  found no evidence @Arron_banks  broke the law loaning @LeaveEUOfficial  £8 million.

In other news. Arron Banks and Leave. EU cleared of criminal wrongdoing in the Brexit referendum by Britain’s National Crime Agency. NF is pleased but very unhappy with the Electoral Commission which Banks may sue


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After Arron Banks picks a fight with Greta Thunberg on Twitter, Oxford Dictionary updates its definition of ‘hardman’.

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Channel 4 News investigation reveals how Arron Banks' pro-Brexit group Leave EU faked a migrant-crossing video and appeared to have staged photos of migrants attacking women in London. Watch the full report at 7pm on Channel 4.

This is what happened when we asked Arron Banks if he would appear on Channel 4 News to answer questions over Brexit funds and claims of misleading MPs.

Arron Banks’ vile tweet about @GretaThunberg  makes me sick to the stomach I have made a formal complaint to Twitter.

Breaking News: The European Parliament is to investigate Nigel Farage over Arron Banks expenses paid to him whilst he was a serving MEP, and never declared. This following our Channel 4 News investigation aired last week.

Can we be confident that @Nigel_Farage  declared all those hundreds of thousands of pounds that Arron Banks provided for his 'welfare' was declared to the European Parliament where he is still a member?

Theresa May’s inner circle contains the bloke who wrote the Mail’s ‘Steel of The New Iron Lady’ splash, a former BBC boss who reportedly helped Arron Banks cover up LeaveEU’s courtship of fascists & an ex Vote Leave staffer who outed his young, Muslim ex to cover up law-breaking.

There must be a full judicial inquiry with criminal powers into Arron Banks and his chums. We cannot allow those who cheat and lie to mock and subvert our democracy (using millions from who knows where) to prevail.

Please retweet if you think it obscene @AndrewMarr9  is giving Arron Banks - the subject of an active investigation - a platform this Sunday.

Appalling misjudgement to give platform to Arron Banks on BBC tomorrow Please do make your own complaint - and RT this!