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Here’s a list of things and people Donald Trump has endorsed: Matt Bevin Eddie Rispone Sean Spicer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV The Washington Generals Gigli George Armstrong Custer The Hare Anything I’m missing?

"Can you rock it like rocket fuel?" Ⓒ 2019 Mass Appeal Records, LLC. CAST Armstrong'>Neil Armstrong ------------------ Dmytro Savenko Buzz Aldrin ---------------------- Maxim GorovyiStanley Kubrick ----------------- Igor Sadovyi Film Crew ----------------…

It was a royal romance that was never a fairy tale: Princess Margaret and photographer Armstrong-Jones'>Anthony Armstrong-Jones, a combustible, complicated couple who ended up being the family’s first divorce.

Armstrong'>Pregnant Danielle Armstrong shows off her baby bump in satin dress as she makes first red carpet appearance with new man 😍

Neil Armstrong's epic blunder when he met Queen at Buckingham Palace after moon landing

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G.Research Lowers Armstrong Flooring FY2022 Earnings Estimates to ($0.35) EPS (Previously ($0.25)). $AFI #AFI 

The love story of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones was just as dramatic in real life as what’s depicted on #TheCrown 

Kelly says Armstrong is taking time to redevelop his core strength after surgery in early September. "He's giving us what he's got right now and I think there's more."


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Did Milli Vanilli keep their Grammy Award? Did Lance Armstrong keep his Tour de France trophies? So why should the NY Times and WAPO keep their Pulitzers for their “deeply sourced” and “relentlessly reported coverage” of Trump/Russia “collusion?”

TSA agent (staring intently): I’m trying to figure out who you look like before checking your ID. Me: ok TSA: that cyclist Armstrong! Nearby agent: that ain’t Lance Armstrong Me: he’s right TSA: oh you look like that skateboarder (checks ID). Same last name too! Crazy! Me: crazy

50 years ago today, Armstrong'>Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and I launched into space on a mission of enormous importance. God bless the 400,000 Americans who helped us get to the moon and back. Together, we Americans can do anything! Never forget July 16, 1969! #Apollo50 

Armstrong'>Neil Armstrong: “That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.” As these words were spoken 50 years ago now, history was made. From then on, we lived in a world where humans had set foot on the Moon. Celebrate the #Apollo50th  anniversary:

Armstrong'>Neil Armstrong was a hero not just of his time, but of all time. Thank you, Neil, for showing us the power of one small step. -bo

Armstrong family statement "Next time you walk outside on clear night & see moon smiling down at you, think of Neil & give him a wink."

On this day in , the first humans set foot on the Moon during . With more #Apollo11than  half a billion people watching on television, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went where no one had gone before. Explore archived images and stories:

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i wanna go to France and walk around Paris with a boom box loudly playing la vie en rose by Louisarmstrong

Breaking wind from CNN! CNN reports that Armstrong planted organic Kale and not a flag on the moon. Despite zero evidence CNN stands by their fake story. THIS IS CNN!