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Voter: What is your fire? ‘Cause you see Bernie. You see Elizabeth Warren. You see that fire... Biden: “The fact that I’m not screaming like Bernie and waving my arms like Elizabeth is not a lack of fire.”

Garth Brooks wore a Barry Sanders jersey for his show–in Detroit–and fans were up in arms assuming it was a Bernie Sanders endorsement

Princess Anne's friend sought solace in arms of wealthy Irish landowner when marriage collapsed before she was ‘shot dead by estranged husband’

“What is your fire? ‘Cause you see Bernie. You see Elizabeth Warren. You see that fire...” Joe Biden: “The fact that I’m not screaming like Bernie and waving my arms like Elizabeth is not a lack of fire.”

Hook said it would be “diplomatic malpractice” to allow UN Iranarms ban to expire in October. suggested while one school of thought US could trigger snapback itself, said US has been more focused on unilateral measures

Hook to @lrozen : 'Diplomatic malpractice' to let UN arms ban on Iran expire this year via @AlMonitor 

Within hours of the news, a column of dozens of #migrants  was heading on foot towards the #Turkish  border in the early morning light. A man carried a small child in his arms. Others rode in taxis.

Undecided voter asks Biden about what makes him fired up. He says decency and uniting the country, adding that just because he doesn’t wave his arms and shout like Sanders doesn’t mean he isn’t passionate about what he believes

The Mariners overhauled their pitching development two years ago. The results were evident in 2019. Seattle MiLBarms posted a baseball-best strikeout-to-walk ratio. 1. Mariners -- 2.84 2. Twins -- 2.82 3. Padres -- 2.73

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Americans across the political spectrum are disgusted by the Washington Democrats’ Partisan Hoaxes, Witch Hunts, & Con Jobs. Registered Democrats and Independents are leaving the Democrat Party in droves, & we are welcoming these voters to the Republican Party w/ wide open arms!

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If the Radical Left Democrats all of a sudden don’t want the Illegal Migrants in their Sanctuary Cities (no more open arms), why should others be expected to take them into their communities? Go home and come into our Country legally and through a system of Merit!

His arms his eyes ... Is he biting his lip I just DIED! #BeAFanDay 

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We should all wrap our arms of love around Demi Lovato. I am so happy you’re alive. Thank God. If I know my monsters as well as I believe I do, we all wish you self-compassion and inner peace. And may you receive the love so many have for you. #ImConfidentInDemi  Demi, I love you.

Our prayers are with the families of the victims and the congregation of yesterday’s church attack. It was over in 6 seconds thanks to the brave parishioners who acted to protect 242 fellow worshippers. Lives were saved by these heroes, and Texas laws allowing them to carry arms!

Wow! Hunter Biden is being forced to leave a Chinese Company. Now watch the Fake News wrap their greasy and very protective arms around him. Only softball questions of him please!

What’s happening to families at the border right now is a humanitarian crisis. Every parent who has ever held a child in their arms, every human being with a sense of compassion and decency, should be outraged.

Nervous ! fingers, arms , legs , eyes are all crossed for this weekend! #SOML