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@JaswithnoE  @12NewsR  @KTAR923espectfully  disagree. The 8,000 Arizonans who got criminal speeding tickets last year would also probably disagree. Shouldn't we expect a better example from the top?

ICYMI: At least 6,700 Arizonans — possibly many more — could lose SNAP benefits (food stamps) under a new federal rule finalized yesterday. Another proposal that would eliminate food aid for an additional 30,000 Arizonans remains under consideration.

At least 6,700 Arizonans could lose food assistance under new federal rule; more restrictions likely

Coming up on a few on @abc15  to talk about our campaign and the issues that matter to Arizonans. Tune in! #ForArizona 

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“It is horrible that some scammers target veterans for their pensions or benefits. That is why I have made it my mission to protect Arizonans from financial criminals."

My campaign is not taking a dime of corporate PAC money. Period. Arizonans will know that I'm accountable to them. #ForArizona 

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@LauraCiscomani1  with @AZChamber  asks: What strategies are states using to raise awareness about this bill? DeVos says to make case that it will be better for employers and all Arizonans if students are better prepared for their futures. ‘It’s better for the entire ecosystem.’

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Arizonans are grateful to @MarthaMcSally  for her support in permanently funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Read more here ⬇️ #AZSen  #AZpolitics 

Arizonans are grateful to @MarthaMcSally  for her support in permanently funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Read more ⬇️ #AZSen  #AZpolitics 

We joined the Navajo County Public Health Department to discuss ways to make health care affordable for all Arizonans.

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Arizonans can count on me to work across the aisle and get things done for our state.

Arizonans bear the brunt of Washington’s failure to address our broken immigration system. We must secure the border with a comprehensive, smart, bipartisan approach - we’re calling on to send additional resources and staff to AZ ports.

There's a dangerous lawsuit being argued in federal court today to dismantle the health care system and eliminate protections for Arizonans with pre-existing conditions. I'll take on anyone who comes after these protections or tries to raise health care costs on Arizona families.

It becomes obvious pretty early when you get into space that we’re all in this together. Teamwork is how we’re going to win this race, and it’s how we’re going to solve tough issues that matter to Arizonans. Join our team -> #FullSpeedAhead  #ForArizona 

I'm honored to serve as AZ’s senior Senator & grateful to the voters who entrusted me with this duty. I'll continue to work to get things done for Arizonans, because they deserve leaders who put country above party. I pledge to keep our state’s tradition of doing just that.

America lost a real hero today. Condolences to , the McCain family and the Arizonans who were so fortunate to have the opportunity to vote for a man of principle. John McCain’s sacrifice and the sacrifices made by all our POWs and MIAs must never be forgotten.

There is no evidence of "electoral corruption" in Arizona, Mr. President. Thousands of dedicated Arizonans work in a non-partisan fashion every election cycle to ensure that every vote is counted. We appreciate their service.

Hey @KyrstenSinema ! We fixed your ad so it includes what you really think of Arizonans. 🙂 #AZSen 

Pretty sure Arizonans don’t want someone who feels this way about them representing them in DC. Arizona Senate hopeful Sinema implied state produced 'crazy' in 2011 speech.

Disgraced sheriff Joe Arpaio, convicted of violating a court order to stop illegally detaining and terrorizing the Latino community, is running for U.S. Senate in Arizona. Donate to , a champion for all Arizonans: