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Thousands of families who have been separated at the border still need to be reunited.

In some cases, children have been sent to states far from Texas and Arizona, where their parents were detained.

Here’s how we can help:
Watch Angelica Gonzalez-Garcia and her 8-year-old daughter reunite at Boston's Logan Airport in a CNN exclusive report. Gonzalez-Garcia and her child were separated in Arizona for 55 days after fleeing Guatemala for the US, citing domestic violence at home
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An Arizona Senate candidate says he's pro-gun because he once fended off a gunman with a gun kept under his bed. Turns out the "attacker" was his mom, and he shot her dead; he was charged with murdering her and his sister, but not convicted.
So Human Driver #1 runs a red light and Human Driver #2 has to serve out of the way to not hit them. Human Driver 2 loses control and drifts into oncoming traffic, striking Driver #3.

Driver 3 was a Waymo car, so what's the title?

"Self-driving car crash in Arizona"
Rosaries confiscated from immigrants at the Arizona/Mexico border. [via @MikeOLoughlin]
Congratulations to Republican Debbie Lesko on her big win in the Special Election for Arizona House seat. Debbie will do a Great Job! Press is so silent.
How could Jeff Flake, who is setting record low polling numbers in Arizona and was therefore humiliatingly forced out of his own Senate seat without even a fight (and who doesn’t have a clue), think about running for office, even a lower one, again? Let’s face it, he’s a Flake!
I am pleased to inform you that I have just granted a full Pardon to 85 year old American patriot Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He kept Arizona safe!
President Trump just signed the National Defense Authorization Act, named after Arizona Sen. John McCain, but the President never once mentioned McCain's name or thanked him
Arizona, please get out today and vote @DebbieLesko for Congress in #AZ08. Strong on Border, Immigration and Crime. Great on the Military. Time is ticking down - get out and VOTE today. We need Debbie in Congress!
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