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Congratulations to Republican Debbie Lesko on her big win in the Special Election for Arizona House seat. Debbie will do a Great Job! Press is so silent.
“President Trump nixed issuing a statement that praised the heroism and life of Sen. John McCain, telling senior aides he preferred to issue a tweet before posting one Saturday night that did not include any kind words for the late Arizona Republican.”
What a wild ad. Six of Republican Arizona congressman Paul Gosar's nine siblings endorse his Democratic opponent:
Both Arizona Republican senators oppose the pardon of their local ex-sheriff.
#BREAKING: An Arizona medical group rescinded its endorsement of Rep. Debbie Lesko after the Republican again questioned the professional legitimacy of her Democratic challenger.
More warning signs for the Senate GOP. New CNN poll: In Arizona, Sinema tops Republican Rep. Martha McSally by 7 points, 50% to 43%, while in Tennessee, Bredesen holds a 5-point edge over Rep. Marsha Blackburn, 50% to 45%
JUST IN: Republican Debbie Lesko wins Arizona special election
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Six siblings of Republican Rep. Paul Gosar delivered a stark message in a new television advertisement: Don't vote for their brother -- but they endorse David Brill, the Democrat running against him in Arizona's 4th District
Arizona Sen. John McCain, a war hero who survived five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, served three decades in Congress and went on to become the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2008, died Saturday. He was 81 years old.
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