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Some fans make an instant impact on our team. Ari Schultz, with his optimism & unbridled excitement, is at the top. We'll miss you, Ari.
5-year-old Ari Schultz is finally leaving the hospital, and now he's getting the VIP treatment at Fenway 🙏
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Ari Schultz, 5-year-old Red Sox fan and heart-transplant recipient, dies
Ready to smile?

After a heart transplant, young @RedSox fan Ari Schultz is getting his wish – going to a game at Fenway.
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Ari Schultz, brave 5-year-old who underwent three open-heart surgeries, finally home after being released from the hospital after 189 days.
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When 5-year-old Ari Schultz learned he was going home after a heart transplant, he celebrated with a home run.
Heart transplant recipient Ari Schultz, 5, died Fri.; he went viral after parents posted videos documenting ordeal
Ari Schultz hit a 2-run HR after his heart transplant.

A few days later, his buddy Xander Bogaerts hit one too.
JUST IN: Heart transplant recipient Ari Schultz, 5, dies; went viral after parents posted videos documenting ordeal
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