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Researchers from @UUtah  used data from @ENERGY 's ARM user facility to reveal a counterintuitive link between cracks in arctic sea ice and the prevalence of low clouds during the winter @armnewsteam 

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Over the *Arctic*. It rivals the better-known Antarctic ozone hole that forms in the southern hemisphere each year.

Arctic sea ice extent's annual maximum on March 5, 2020 was the 11th-lowest maximum in the 42-year satellite record. Though nowhere near a record low, it was well below the 1981–2010 average.

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Scientists Are Stuck on an Ice-Locked Ship in the Arctic Due to Coronavirus

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Missed Tuesday's event on "Russia’s Military Posture in the European Arctic"? Listen to it from home:

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TRUMP SCAM ALERT: @realDonaldTrump  just leased public lands in the Arctic Nat’l Wildlife Refuge to oil & gas companies for just $11 an acre! This is an outlandish and unacceptable giveaway that threatens one of America’s greatest natural treasures.

Tiny pieces of plastic have been found in ice cores drilled in the Arctic by a U.S.-led team of scientists, underscoring the threat the growing form of pollution now poses to marine life in even the remotest waters on the planet. Read more:

New study: if we stop emissions immediately, Arctic still warms 5C/9F by century's end. We're not stopping global warming any more; we're fighting like hell for a level that civilizations might survive. #ClimateStrike 

Arctic's oldest and thickest sea ice breaks for first time in history

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Deeply touched by President Putin’s gracious gesture to accompany me to Zvezda shipyard, which is poised to make a huge contribution to development of Arctic shipping.

Great Barrier Reef dies while Amazon and Arctic burn, and fossil fuel industry keeps up its remorseless lies and political obstruction. Do any of you have a damned conscience?

An Arctic fox goes pink thanks to colours of November sunset over the Gulf of Ob. All pictures by Alexander Yakovlev

87°F just south of the Arctic Circle in Finland today. Folks, you may think that this is not normal and you'd be right

saw some monkeys from the arctic tonight, they were great

I can’t wait to cancel all my plans to fly around the country to see Arctic Monkeys this year. If u see me in the pit pretend u don’t know me so I can be embarrassing without guilt pls.