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he s your hope he s your angel happy birthday to s j hope edit by taesflower archive
He's your hope, he's your angel ✨ Happy Birthday to 's J-Hope! (edit b taesflower-archive) #HappyJHopeDay
kwame brathwaite archive
Kwame Brathwaite. archive.
Lady Gaga
in honor of the met gala and its theme ill post the judas video here we explored christianity through fashion
In honor of the Met Gala and its theme I’ll post the “Judas” video. Here we explored Christianity through fashion some made in Haus, young designers as well as archive Christian Lacroix. ( the paper wedding dress at the end that I wear w Creepers)
Glenn Greenwald
exclusive brazilian judge in car wash corruption case now bolsonaro s justice minister sergio moro mocked lula
Exclusive: Brazilian judge in Car Wash corruption case - now Bolsonaro's Justice Minister Sergio Moro - mocked Lula’s defense and secretly directed prosecutors’ media strategy during trial. From our Secret Brazil Archive:
Glenn Greenwald
here s the new york times article on our brazil reporting from yesterday and the vast implications of our arch
Here's the New York Times article on our Brazil reporting from yesterday and the vast implications of our archive for numerous key officials, including Bolsonaro's Justice Minister, and the entire corruption probe, including Lula's imprisonment
John Bolton
report iran s secret nuclear archive provides substantial evidence that iran s declarations to iaea are incomp
Report: Iran's secret nuclear archive "provides substantial evidence that Iran's declarations to IAEA are incomplete & deliberately false." The President was right to end horrible Iran deal. Pressure on Iran to abandon nuclear ambitions will increase.
@WIRED 1 month
the fanfiction database archive of our own contains nearly 5 million fanworksabout the size of the english wik
The fanfiction database Archive of Our Own contains nearly 5 million fanworks—about the size of the English Wikipedia. This is the tagging system that keeps it all organized and running smoothly.
Glenn Greenwald
cnn is leading the way in bashing buzzfeed but it s worth remembering cnn had a humiliation at least as big am
CNN is leading the way in bashing BuzzFeed but it's worth remembering CNN had a humiliation at least as big & bad: when they yelled that Trump Jr. had advanced access to the WL archive (!): all based on a wrong date. They removed all the segments from YouTube, but this remains:
BBC Archive
1932 little richard was born bbc archive will never tire of his incredible 1972 interview on late night line u
#OnThisDay 1932: Little Richard was born. BBC Archive will never tire of his incredible 1972 interview on Late Night Line-Up.
Glenn Greenwald
5 in sum the process that imprisoned lula amp rendered him ineligible to run paving the way for bolsonaro s as
5/ In sum, the process that imprisoned Lula & rendered him ineligible to run - paving the way for Bolsonaro's ascension to power - was fueled by wrongdoing, politicized abuse of power & deceit: all of which will now be revealed due to this massive leaked archive of their secrets.
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