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ICYMI: Bring Me The Horizon and Architects among the big winners at third annual Heavy Music Awards

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Here's how Beyoncé's “entertainment architects” designed the 24-foot pyramid that spanned the Coachella stage

Japanese architects who treated buildings like living organisms ()

China's 'barefoot architects' are transforming left-behind rural villages

Two thirds of China's 900m rural residents are moving to cities. Now, architects are finding ways to preserve their built heritage, before it disappears.

Congratulations to our friends AND architects at @MAPAARQ  . Excited to see your U.S. office get going

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Essays, images and conversations trace a lineage of internationally-minded engineers, collaborating with architects and mentoring younger generations

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75 years ago today Adolf Hitler - pictured with favourite architectsAlbert Speer & Arno Breker - issued an order to burn Paris to the ground. Both Speer & Breker continued to visit the city well after the war, with Breker exhibiting his sculptures at the Pompidou Centre in 1981.

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The Japanese architects who treated buildings like living organisms

Does Robson Square need an upgrade? Accessibility advocates believe it does, calling the design by one of Canada's most famous architects a safety hazard. @Jesse_Johnston  reports:


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“Life is architecture and architecture is the mirror of life.” I.M. Pei, the designer of the Louvre's pyramid who was revered as one of the last great modernist architects, has died.

Your access to the BBC, and the NHS for that matter, does not improve according to how wealthy you are. I can’t think of any other reason why the architects of Brexit have such a problem with both of them.

Breaking News: One of the world's revered architects, I.M. Pei, has died at 102. The glass pyramid at the Louvre was among his many famous designs.

This is reality not scaremongering. 2,000 families with a ruined Christmas, our auto and manufacturing sectors in jeopardy. The architects of a No Deal Brexit aren't clueless. Like Thatcher and co, who destroyed our coal mines, they simply don't care.

The architects of Brexit leaving their sinking ship having failed to build it properly during the years they fought to make it happen. Leaving the mess to everyone else to sort the only way to resolve this before we all sink with it

Trouble Ahead for DNC: 2017 Russia Report Loses Luster as its Architects Comey, Brennan and Clapper Are Proven as Leakers, Liars and Trump Haters #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #TrumpTrain  #Dobbs 

Surprise, surprise. Many of Trump's major financial appointments come directly from Wall Streetarchitects of the rigged economy.

Americans must know that the far right architects of the #GOPTaxScam  will be coming for your Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & more before you've taken down the Christmas tree.

Dear - if you would like to help us understand the tax plan better, please join me on for an interview to discuss. Or I’d be happy to speak with one of the plan’s architects. I have had a standing ask with your press office for 153 days