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Ayman Odeh, chairman of Joint List of four Arab-majority parties, said Erdan "prefers to hide behind racist claims and throw responsibility on the victims" instead of "claiming responsibility over the security of all citizens."

In the midst of outrage over crime surge in Arab towns, Joint List Chairman Ayman Odeh says Interior Security Min @giladerdan1 , hero who rescued Israel from the threat posed by Lara Alqasem, "breathes a sigh of relief when he hears the victim of a murder is an Arab."

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"Arab citizens are standing up to condemn the violence, but it is the Israeli police's role to cut it off at the source," Joint List Chairman Ayman Odeh said

Arab voters are simply used as pawns in Israeli politics. The Joint List’s leaders are naive to think any Israeli prime minister will ever address their concerns.

The leader of Balad, a faction of the Arab Joint List, the third largest faction in Israel's Knesset or Parliament, explained why he could not support Benny Gantz for prime minister -- even if it meant the demise of Benjamin Netanyahu.

All 13 elected Joint List lawmakers seek to better the situation of Israel’s Arab citizens, but we’re also interested in contributing to ending the occupation | Balad leader explains why his party refused to endorse Gantz

Final #Israel  elections results: Gantz’s Blue and White wins with 33 seats, #Netanyahu ’s Likud one behind with 32. Arab Joint List got 13, ultra-Orthodox Shas 9, Lieberman 8. United Torah Judaism & Yamina both got 7, Labor-Gesher 6 and Democratic Camp 5.

Gantz won’t approve Bibi. The Arab Joint List recommended Gantz, but not Balad, they withdrew their endorsements. Liberman is playing hard to get. That leaves Likud with one more recommendation than Blue & White. Path forward: not clear.

The Joint List's Arab MKs who endorsed a former IDF chief - accused of war crimes against fellow Palestinians - for prime minister are risking everything to oust Netanyahu | Opinion

Israel’s Arab Joint List backs Benny Gantz


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In historic move Arab Joint List endorses Benny Gantz, "in order to end Netantahu's era as Prime Minister,” making it likely he’ll form next #israel  govt.Huge blow to POTUS after all he did to help Bibi get re-elected,but could help #mideast  peace efforts

#Breaking Now its official: The Joint List will recommend Benny Gantz for PM when meeting President Rivlin tomorrow. History made by @Ayman_Odeh_TJL @Ahmad_tibi⁩ & as they lead the first Arab-majority party to back a candidate for Israeli PM.

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The dramatic move came after the mainly Arab Joint List alliance won 13 seats in Tuesday's polls in Israel, making them the third-largest force in the 120-seat parliament

In Opinion Ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s grip on Israel: The Arab Joint List’s leader explains why he will back Benny Gantz to form a government

The Arab Joint List is meeting with the president this evening to give their endorsement for Israel's next prime minister. What are their demands?

UPDATE: Joint Arab List surges to 15 seats, projected to be 3rd largest party - Likud down a seat

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With 92% of votes counted, The Joint List, an alliance of four Arab parties, is slated to be the third largest party in the Knesset with 12 seats

Exit polls: Joint List of Arab parties third largest faction in next Knesset

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#BREAKING Arab Joint List takes 3rd place in Israel vote: exit polls