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Rep. Jim Jordan
were calling on president trump to declassify the carter page fisa applications and other key documents its ti
We’re calling on President Trump to declassify the Carter Page FISA applications and other key documents.

It’s time for the American people to get the full story.
Kevin Sieff
they served in the army the border patrol and the police they have official us birth certificates but the gove
They served in the army, the border patrol and the police. They have official US birth certificates. But the government is denying their passport applications and telling them they aren't American citizens.
Lou Dobbs
promises kept orders dni doj and fbi to declassify carter page fisa court applications 20 pages bruce ohr and
Promises kept! orders DNI, DOJ and FBI to declassify Carter Page FISA court applications (20 pages), Bruce Ohr and Carter Page interview FBI reports and all text messages related to Russia investigation without redaction of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and Ohr
Donald J. Trump
disability applications plunge as economy strengthens failing new york times
“Disability applications plunge as economy strengthens” Failing New York Times
Greg Abbott
a complaint says the texas democratic party asked noncitizens to register to vote sending applications with ci
A complaint says the Texas Democratic Party asked noncitizens to register to vote, sending applications with citizenship box pre-checked. This is being investigated. If true there will be serious consequences. #txlege #tcot #PJNET
The Onion
law school applications increase upon realization that any fucking idiot can be lawyer
Law School Applications Increase Upon Realization That Any Fucking Idiot Can Be Lawyer
Brit Hume
now pushing for declassification amp release of the still censored parts of the carter page fisa warrant appl
. now pushing for declassification & release of the still censored parts of the Carter Page FISA warrant applications. is not. I wonder why.
Jim Sciutto
breaking judge denies kemp s request on absentee ballots ruling absentee voters who are unable to vote in pers
Breaking: Judge Denies Kemp's Request on Absentee ballots, ruling “absentee voters who are unable to vote in person and whose applications or ballots are rejected based on a signature mismatch will still have the opportunity to have their votes counted in the upcoming election.”
anand mahindra
these examples of home grown productivity devices seem to be mainly chinese interestingly many are for farming
These examples of home-grown productivity devices seem to be mainly Chinese. Interestingly, many are for farming applications. China was considered a copycat & not innovative; but this is evidence of their grass-roots creativity. Which one do you appreciate most?
John Legend
they see the statistics about black applications for real estate or loans or employment being turned away beca
They see the statistics about black applications for real estate or loans or employment being turned away because their name was Jamal and not James
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