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Iron Soldiers! #Soldiers  from @1stArmoredDiv  participate in a series of trials & evaluations -- including a 12-mile ruck march, the ACFT, an obstacle course & board appearance --to determine the division's Soldier & #NCO  of the year. #WeAreTraining  📸 by Pfc. Matthew Marcellus

'I'm not interested in vanity. If I thought about my appearance for one second it would ruin Keeping Faith' @TeamEveMyles  on her latesr show 'We Hunt Together' as she's hunting serial killers

Bradley Walsh speechless as contestant takes a swipe at his appearance#TheChase 

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"I feel a different discomfort when I see the Uniform," @ssg_diesel  writes. "Those wearing it are attempting to make their appearance speak for them, sometimes without the service that normally gives power to that voice."

Donald Trump honoured America’s war dead in back-to-back Memorial Dayappearances, as Joe Biden made his first public appearance in months.

#GMB viewers incredibly distracted over Barry Manilow's appearance: ‘Give it up!’


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More than a T-shirt: BTS' canceled appearance underlines Japan & Korea's awkward K-pop relationship

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This animated graphic from the BBC shows the worldwide progression of the pandemic through this week. It's worth watching. Watch, in particular, for the appearance of the US at the beginning of March, and then the speed at which the US epidemic takes off.

"I want to hear your voice... No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, gender identity: speak yourself.” Ahead of ’s appearance on , get a #SNLdose  of inspiration from their speech at UNGA last September. Together, we can . xBTS #ENDviolence  #SNLxBTS 

@BTS_twt  appeared on the @colbertlateshow  dressed in the same threads as @thebeatles  did for their historic 1964 appearance on the #EdSullivan  Show.

Making a special surprise appearance on #RDMA . Watch May 1st on @DisneyChannel 

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BTS Fans Donated More Than £7,500 To Charity To Thank James Corden After The Band's Appearance On The "Late Late Show"

Ok, the CDC appearance was the most disturbing one yet from Trump. He literally said experts were telling him to take sick Americans off a cruise ship but he doesn't want to do it because it WILL MAKE THE NUMBERS GO UP and it "wasn't our fault." Holy Jesus.

Next up are the Grammys on Feb. 10 with K-pop sensation BTS scheduled to make an appearance

I make a guest appearance in it ⛄️