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Just donated @savechildrenuk #NepalEarthquake appeal. If you can too, go here or text: DONATE5 to 70008 and give £5
Millions in the Philippines need clean water & shelter now. @oxfamgb is there: donate to their #Haiyan appeal!
The Trump administration deported a mother and child to El Salvador while their asylum appeal hearing was taking place. A federal judge ordered them to "turn the plane around" immediately, calling the move "outrageous" and "not acceptable."
Chart Beat Podcast: BTS' record week & the K-pop kings' "raw & real" appeal
I appeal to the Congress to stop calling the Surgical Strikes as ‘Jumla Strikes.’

They can continue abusing me, my poverty, my background….but please stop mocking the armed forces.
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While I continue to pray unceasingly for peace, and invite all people of good will to do the same, I renew my appeal to all those with political responsibilities to ensure that justice and peace prevail.
I urge @Theresa_May to appeal directly to Rajoy to end police violence in Catalonia & find political solution to this constitutional crisis.
Moved by the prayers and immense solidarity shown little Alfie Evans, I renew my appeal that the suffering of his parents may be heard and that their desire to seek new forms of treatment may be granted.
Brock Turner, who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside a fraternity party in 2015, has lost his appeal
I'm supporting @decappeal & @SaveChildrenUK East Africa Appeal. Please help by donating #FightingFamine
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