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Delhi Riots: Now, Only One Community Feels Safe Around Security Forces, writes @Apoorvanand__  via @thewire_in 

"Taking advantage of the Muslim face of the anti-CAA protests, the BJP tried to create a Muslim scare in the minds of Hindus." — , by Apoorvanand#AJOpinion 

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"The transformation of the Indian electorate into a Hindu one would guarantee the BJP's indefinite stay in power." — , by Apoorvanand#AJOpinion 

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Despite knowing the impact of its anti-Muslim stance on the election results, the BJP stuck to its guns for the long-term political gains to had from fear mongering among Hindus, writes Apoorvanand#DelhiPolls2020  #DelhiElectionResults 

India's Muslims are Asserting their Citizenship, in Whatever Clothes They Want to Wear, writes Apoorvanand via @thewire_in 

~~In Hindi~~ The Abduction of Hinduism | APOORVANAND via @thewire_in 


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Brilliant article by Apoorvanand, goes to the heart of the problem with the Ayodhya judgment via @thewire_in 

Apoorvanand writes — Rahul Gandhi Does Not Have the Luxury of Simply Walking Away via @thewire_in ?lang=en

The Samjhauta acquittals reflect how Hindu terror goes unpunished in India — , by Apoorvanand#AJOpinion 

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Chilling analysis by Apoorvanand (in Hindi)—Modi Talks About 'Enemies Within'. Who Are They? via @thewire_in 

Apoorvanand asks whether now we should destroy the documents associated with Jinnah's defence of Tilak & Bhagat Singh? via

Brilliant piece by Apoorvanand on Modi in Kedarnath – After the Deluge, the Delusion via @thewire_in 

Thoughtful&worrying analysis by Prof.Apoorvanand of the danger of politicizing the Army. Patriotism Yes, Bigotry No!

Muslims Must Refuse to Be Killed, says Apoorvanand in this short and powerful piece that all must read @thewire_in