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Every day I count the trees in my yard and the number is never the same. Anyway I'm fine.

Anyway I'm super relieved they made it to space and will keep watching for #BobAndDoug 's safe progress to space over the next 18+ hours.

Sigh. No go on the SpaceX launch today due to weather. They'll try again on Saturday. Anyway, I'll leave you with this great Bowie tune that will eventually be appropriate for Bob and Doug. Good night.

Quarantine is going to expose my greatest secret: that I only go to the salon every 6 months or so anyway. I’m always like “look how good the color held up” and my poor hairdresser is like “your roots are six inches long what is wrong with you” I think I last got it done in Jan?

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Anyway, I’m glad that coronavirus has done away with partisan politics

Covering $NAVB at the close was a mistake it turns out. Anyway I'll post the Bookmap replay later on tonight.

Allegedly, tomorrow is Friday? Anyway, I'll send out a fresh newsletter. Check out the latest one / sign up / share Pancake Brain, if you dig it? 🥞🧠

"I can understand why you’d want to play at home... But it’s not going to make much difference.” “If you have neutral venues, crowds will congregate anyway.” “I understand why teams are against it, I thought there would be more.” @DarrenBent  on neutral venues

Don’t @ me with you all knew this. When. How. Why. Why doesn’t shift just do what it said and shift abit!!! Anyway I’ve come to terms with been an only child.


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“Anyway, I’ll let you get on” - Translation: Please leave me alone now

"Anyway, I'll let you get on..." - Translation: Please go away

Anybody out there in 760 have a copy of THPS1 for original PlayStation? Totally serious. Just checked my archives and I have every sequel but not the OG version. Ironic? Anyway, I’ll give you a skateboard if I can borrow it for the weekend. For reals.

Anyway. I’m excited. Lol.

Dear Americans. The C word intends no misogyny when Brits use it. Words mean different things in different places. Anyway, I'm off for a fag

Anyway I'm with the squad & we're about to stunt on this red carpet

"Anyway, I'll let you get on..." - Translation: Please go away

"Anyway, I'm sure it'll be fine" - Translation: I'm confident the situation will deteriorate swiftly