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A 29-year-old man saved numerous lives during Antioch Waffle House shooting, police say
Amber Alert issued for girl, 7, abducted at gunpoint from driveway of her home in Antioch.
Antioch police searching for missing 15YO with autism
#BREAKING: Police search for missing 3-year-old in Antioch. Help spread the word!
Obama destroyed Syrian Christianity, something 1300 years of Arab rule didn't do; Remember Christianity was born there, the NT was in the Greek of Antioch.
As the #MannequinChallenge sweeps the nation, Antioch High School made an attempt of their own 👀
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I'll bet the MSM won't cover the Antioch church shooter (Muslim immigrant) 24/7 like they did Dylan Roof. Doesn't fit their liberal agenda.
Another mass shooting tragedy in Antioch, TN. An AR-15 was the weapon used. My heart aches for this community and the loved ones of the victims.

Join us at to help us take on the NRA and their stronghold on American Politics.

#Antioch #WaffleHouse
Nashville Police Department confirms 3 people dead and 4 wounded by a white male shooter who opened fire at patrons at a Waffle House in Antioch, TN. The shooter is on the run after one patron wrestled away his rifle. #WaffleHouse #Antioch
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