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trump's running mate wants to fund anti-gay conversion therapy with tax dollars. voting for trump/pence is a direct attack on LGBTQ+ people.
The broken Tories are now dependent on an anti-gay, anti-women's rights party linked to Northern Irish extremists. Just sickening.
BREAKING Trump appointee @CarlHigbie has resigned after I asked for comments on racist, anti-gay, anti-Muslim, and sexist comments he made on the radio.
unfamiliar what anti-gay conversion therapy? this deadly practice is what trump's running mate wants your tax dolla…
like i've said before, the more "anti gay" someone is the more closeted they most likely are. they feel guilty because of their religion so they constantly talk about how evil it is to be gay. it is actually really sad :(
Roy Moore, anti-Muslim, anti-gay theocrat who believes 9/11 was punishment for American godlessness, has won Alabama's Republican primary.
MSNBC Host Joy Reid Wrote Numerous Anti-Gay Articles on Her Old Blog
Anti-gay protesters crashed a Pride event — so this men's chorus drowned out their hate with song
Meet the owner of Coachella. He's supported anti-gay groups and climate-change deniers.
Steve Scalise will speak at anti-gay group's forum months after lesbian cop saved his life
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