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The broken Tories are now dependent on an anti-gay, anti-women's rights party linked to Northern Irish extremists. Just sickening.
trump's running mate wants to fund anti-gay conversion therapy with tax dollars. voting for trump/pence is a direct attack on LGBTQ+ people.
Steve Scalise will speak at anti-gay group's forum months after lesbian cop saved his life
Tomorrow, Mississippi enacts one of the most sweeping anti-gay laws in history. You still have time to do the right thing, @PhilBryantMS.
Roy Moore, anti-Muslim, anti-gay theocrat who believes 9/11 was punishment for American godlessness, has won Alabama's Republican primary.
unfamiliar what anti-gay conversion therapy? this deadly practice is what trump's running mate wants your tax dolla…
Anti-gay protesters crashed a Pride event — so this men's chorus drowned out their hate with song
Meet the owner of Coachella. He's supported anti-gay groups and climate-change deniers.
The Tories are officially propped up by anti-gay, anti-choice, terrorist sympathising climate change deniers. Never let them forget it.
Hitler was NOT anti-gay. He refused to purge gay Brownshirts from Nazi ranks saying he had no problem as long as they were good fighters
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