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Driving around for no reason has become the new having places to be. Hope y’all are doing good in quarantine, I’m gunna be dropping my annual 420 track this coming #WebbyWednesday  🔥🕸

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Microsoft is hitting 2.7bn daily minutes and Google is doing 2bn. Zoom said it was at 100bn annual in January (2-300m daily), but the user base is up 10-20x since then. Total US mobile phone traffic is about 6.5bn daily minutes - so MSFT+Google+Zoom are bigger

Celebrate @YurisNight  with us online! Join @RobertPicardo , @BillNye  and more for the world's largest annual space party. Tune in this Saturday at

Tribune Publishing CEO Terry Jimenez just sent out a memo announcing move to "permanently reduce base pay from 2% to 10% for employees who have an annual base salary of $67,000 or more." Will also "pursue" cost-saving measures with union employees.

With growing uncertainty and threats and in the space domain, more states are considering developing offensive and defensive counterspace abilities to protect space systems from attacks. Read the @CSISAerospace  annual space threat assessment:

$WWE: World Wrestling to adjourn Annual Meeting of Stockholders due to COVID-19

You guys asked for more #SpiritAwards-  you’ve got it! #TBT  to the 4th Annual Spirit Awards ceremony in 1989 ✨⭐️

Enter the annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards for a chance at the $8,000 grand prize. Early bird deadline is April 10.

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Dave's 15th Annual Seder - LIVE for Covid Relief - Now can you find th #PassoverLive  ? Ask YES/NO questions #virtualAfikomento  find the precise location. 1st person to get it wins a $180 gift card!!! @amazon 

Before we entered #coronavirus  slump, UK economy has been slowing for a year. Via @ONS  we see that for each month since March 2019, the latest 3 mths compared to same a yr before, annual growth rate has been same or lower. In Feb 2020, annual rate 0.8%


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As we wind down 2019, I wanted to share with you my annual list of favorites that made the last year a little brighter. We’ll start with books today — movies and music coming soon. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

The annualPentagon budget is $738,000,000,000. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is 1.5% the size. If we can find money on bombs and missiles to kill people, we can damn well afford to protect everyone's health and take care of each other.

Amazon paid $0 in taxes on $11 billion in annual profits. But it asks workers to “donate” their paid leave to others who are sick. Workers and taxpayers are expected to be generous. Corporate CEOs—even during a pandemic—can be as stingy as they want.

People all over the world are already being affected by a warmer world. What should the plan to address climate change look like? I write about two key strategies in this year’s annual letter.

Senate Democrats just voted to filibuster the annual funding for the U.S. armed forces. It’s the second time they have blocked defense funding in two months. We can’t advance it. Remember when Democrats said their impeachment obsession wouldn't stop them from legislating?

Yesterday, it was my great honor to host our third annual Made in America Showcase at the @WhiteHouse ....

Just out: Real GDP for First Quarter grew 3.2% at an annual rate. This is far above expectations or projections. Importantly, inflation VERY LOW. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

President Trump is about to speak at the NRA's annual convention. Instead of watching him pander to the gun lobby, take a minute to remember just a few of the young Americans we've lost to gun violence since Parkland.

In a few days, the #Canadian  government will allow tens of thousands of seals to be bludgeoned to death in the annual seal slaughter. Make 2018 the year this ENDS:

It's happening! @BTS_twt  is officially at the 61st annual#GRAMMYs  and we couldn't be prouder! #TearItUpBTS 

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